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To remove all the EXIF info from your photos you can use exiftool The command should looks like: exiftool -all= coolphoto_16x16_6color.png


When I implemented curves in my own image viewer, I first just did it on the RGB values. It annoyed me that it seemed to screw up the color balance, especially when increasing the brightness with the curve. Then I made the option to decide what the LUT should apply to. E.g. Luminance of the YUV transform. I found that luminance is better for brightening ...


You definitely need to ensure that the curves processing happens in exact same color spaces. What you describe may be caused by different tone response curves (for example using Prophoto vs. sRGB) Even then there might be differences: Photoshop apparently uses perceptual processing in some areas of the program where some other apps prefer simpler math It ...

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