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The problem with wide angle lenses is that many of them have a mustache subfrequency in their bulb distortion that makes it impossible to stack the images. The image alignment that works in some parts of the frame does not work in others. In fact for this type of distortion, you will notice a smeared look on the image corners after only stacking a few ...


Superresolution techniques require pretty good source data to start with, and that source data usually needs slight offsets between each frame (dithering.) Without a tracking mount, you will see field rotation in the corners of the frames, and that will greatly diminish your ability to align and stack, let alone apply superresolution. Distortion mapping can ...


Sounds like a great idea to me, but the proof is in the software. You'd put the camera on a tripod, take your whole lotta pictures, and then hand it to the software. The software would: Pick some bright stars and track them across images to do loose mutual alignment Determine the tracking parameters (e.g. where's the North Pole, what the field of view was, ...

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