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What differences will I get if I shoot the scene with a narrow-angle lens (from the same position as I would have done with the wide lens) and stitch the images with Hugin or Autostitch, e.g. in terms of relative proportions of near and far objects and depth of field? The differences are those dictated by the lens. A stitched panorama typically won't ...


More of a comment than a proper answer but it may be insightful: In "tight space", it can be hard to stitch photos well (distortion, leaning tower effect), a wide angle lens becomes thus easier to use a wide angle lens, which will also show the same effects (e.g. leaning towers) but give you a continuous image (no bad stitching). Panoramas can be shot in ...


What you get with stitching is increased resolution, more control over the projection used, and possibly some artifacts if something moves or the light changes. If you want to simulate what you'd get with a wider lens then you should use the rectilinear projection. You will get the same proportions of near and far objects. You will get reduced depth of ...

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