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In general, lenses capable of auto focus that are dependent upon a motor in the camera body are older designs. Among lenses made for systems with cameras that may include a focus motor in the body but that also include camera models without focus motors in the body the lenses with focus motors in the body are the newer, more up-to-date designs. Newer, more ...


Having a focus motor in body or not is only relevant in lens compatibility. Lenses that have no built in focus motor can't perform AF on bodies without focus motor. These bodies rely on the so called ring focus motors in lenses to perform AF. Like SWM motor for Nikon or USM for canon. Since these technologies evolve fast and focusing is closely related ...


The location of the focus motor has no effect on image quality or image stabilization. Image quality isn't affected, because the focus motor is irrelevant when actually taking the picture — once focus is found, you can turn off AF if you like. There's also no reason that image stabilization would be affected, although as Michael Clark points out, this is a ...

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