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Keep the 18-55 IS II and 55-250 IS. The 1200D is a stripped down budget camera bundled with striped down budget lenses. The lenses that came with your XSi are actually superior to the the 1200D kit lenses. The 18-55 III has the same optics as the 18-55 IS II but lacks Image Stabilization. The 75-300 USM has poor optics and lacks Image Stabilization. ...


Anytime you can afford the delay. It reduces vibration from the mirror movement which simply means there will be reduced vibration in the system. This is always good, unless, of course, you cannot time your shot in advance beause you are shooting a moving subject. This does not mean that it always needed since there are other sources of vibration such as ...


When using tripod, it can be harmful for image quality to use VR as it does not guarantee shake absence even when camera is steady (if you imply Nikon's VR). However, certain implementations of stabilisation may be good even with tripod but you need to check it yourself. When canera is not fixed it may indeed be profitable to use exposure delay (both with ...


I recently found an option "Exposure delay" to minimize vibration. But is it necessary to use when you have VR on the lens? The point of Exposure Delay mode is to wait for the camera to settle after the mirror has been flipped up, and only then open the shutter, because the mirror's movement can cause vibrations. That's especially important for macro ...

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