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When to use and not use Image Stabilization/Vibration Compensation/Vibration Reduction/etc. is lens or camera specific, depending on whether the system ins lens based or camera body based. Not all implementations are the same, even within a single manufacturers ecosystem. When shooting on a tracking mount Image Stabilization should probably be turned off, ...


Your camera manufacturer manual will tell you that using IS on a tri-pod will create image blur, you must switch IS off when using a tri-pod


I have experimented with this and found that I got blobs instead of sharp Stars with IS on. I had a Canon 7D with an EF 35mm f/2 IS Lens, mounted on top of an Equatorial Mount on top of the actual Telescope. Both the “Right Ascension” and the “Declination” Axis’ were each driven with their own Motorised Clock drives in sync with the motion of the sky. The ...

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