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Yes, you can buy non-stabilized optics for a Pentax. In fact, very few stabilized lenses are available, because all Pentax digital bodies since the 2006 model K100D (excluding K110D) have provided the Shake Reduction sensor stabilization, so there's no need to have stabilization in lenses. Yes, image quality is comparable to optic stabilization since it is ...


The other answers are very good ways of determining if the camera is in need of immediate servicing, but my advice is to just take the camera and lens in for servicing. My rationale is that, even if you determine that you were lucky this time, and everything seems to be in order, one day down the road the camera will start flaking out, or it will damage a ...


Take a photo (with AF) of something flat and fairly regular (like a brick wall) that is parallel to the camera sensor at your normal working distance. If the entire image is soft or if some corners are noticeable softer than the other corners (there is always some variation, only worry if the difference is big enough to be noticeable at normal viewing ...


Take some pictures! Using Auto Focus, are the images in focus? Is the point of focus the same distance from the camera on each side of the frame? On the top and bottom? I would be more concerned about the lens mount flange remaining parallel to the sensor. Test this by taking the fastest lens (widest aperture) you have and shoot a flat surface such as a ...


Lens was broken. I had to send it into Canon and get a repair done. $300 down :(.

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