Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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Does your image measure 2743 x 1792 px? Yeap you need to downscale it. If you need a defocused background you can reduce it even more. Like 1/2 of the background. If you are aiming to a 1920px wide you can reduce it to half. 960px and upscale it with css. After all a blurry background is blurry. 1) Defocus it. 2) Resmple it. 3) Compress it.


Correct me if im wrong, but the box looks as it has opaque walls. If they were translucent it actually would give you a lot of flexibility. You would have a nice big softbox. But it seems it is not the case with that box. That opaque walls forces you to have the lights in front of the object. That light seting is almost the same as using the built in ...

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