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Is there any pictures I can see shot with two different flashes in equal settings to compare the result? Yes! Prompted by your question, I tried testing two different flashes: a cheap one and a pricy one, so find out if the light itself is any different. My experiment is detailed on my blog post. To summarize: The spectra is different, but it shouldn't ...


Higher end studio flashes tend to be (in order from most to least amount of impact on a typical studio shoot): More powerful. They can output more light than their speedlight/speedlite couterparts. Capable of higher quality light. The light they output is more evenly distributed along the visible spectrum in the way natural light is and even at different ...


For years I have used ACDSee to perform lossless JPEG rotation, very handy and fast. Recently I discovered that Windows (7) Explorer has a (Right-Click) Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwise item that I put to the test. I copied a JPEG image, then rotated it clockwise 4 times, then counterclockwise 4 times, then back and forth 4 more times. The ...


Check your resolution & quality settings in the camera - they might be set to a low quality. E.g. if the camera is set to perhaps 2Mp, then the pictures might look good on the rear screen (which is only 1/2 Mp) but may not look good on your large computer monitor.

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