Alley in Pisa, Italy

by Lars Kotthoff

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been using geeqie for years and it has saved me countless hours. can't even use any other viewer any longer due to how spoiled I am on geeqie's ability and speed. while being able to view images as fast as my wheel mouse can scroll is awesome, and the ability to open every file from geeqie is also nice. its a one stop viewer that is always installed ...


The dynamic range that a RAW file takes in is generally much wider than the range used in producing a finished photograph. It contains the actual raw values of the amount of light gathered by each point on the sensor. When adjusting the exposure slider, it shifts the relative interpreted intensity of each pixel based on the amount of light that was ...


It's my understanding that most raw converters apply a multiplier to linear values, either demosaiced or not. (The big exception is Adobe.) This mimics more/less exposure in the camera, and the end effect is that a file looks likes it had been exposed in camera at the net exposure (actual exposure + exposure adjustment in the converter). But don't just take ...


To fix this, you need to decompose your image to RGB channels separately. R and G channels are vertically shifted from B channel by 5 pixels each. You need to align these channels vertically. For example I have shifted red channel 10 pixels and green channel 5 pixels from the blue channel. Here is the result with comparison : Shifted one Corrected one ...

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