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After some googling I found a windows program called CombineZP on this minimalistic website. The Zip archive contains sources which means you might be able to port this to other OSses. My results were not very good but I must admit that I totally didn't know what am I doing: One of 20 similar samples


Unfortunately, this is not an out-of-the-box solution, but if you have got some programming skills (mostly, the code should be there already and you just need to know how to run or compile it), you might want to look at American Gothic in the palette of Mona Lisa: Rearrange the pixels from the colleagues over at Programming Puzzles & Code Golf. Your ...


The camera sensor does not have a color space that allows going back and forth to XYZ since it does not have the same sensitivity curves as the human eye (Luther - Ives condition). The best that can be done is come up with a transform matrix that minimizes the sum of the errors in LAB for the set of standard colors (Gretab -Macbeth). I believe this process ...


You're right; the camera has its own native color space. When a camera is said to use or support sRGB (or Adobe RGB, as many also do), that means that it has native support for transforming its raw sensor data into that color space. When you use an out-of-camera RAW converter, like Lightroom or Darktable, that program needs to know about your individual ...

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