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I'm basically going to answer my own question: No. There are no decent facilities for comparing JPEG compression libraries. Additionally, I did some further experimentation which effectively invalidated the hypothesis that produced my desire for a comparative analysis in the first place, so the whole question is somewhat moot at this point. I did a bunch ...


I am not sure if you are looking at different compression options strictly for JPEG or if you are interested in other formats with lossy compression. But in any case, I think Imagemagick would be a good starting point. It is a command line based tool and there is also PythonMagick that I never used, but which allows using IM directly from Python scripts. ...


Use difference blending in photoshop - original image in a bottom layer, changed image in a top layer. Everything that's not black will be changed from the original image. Also: If I remember well there's no such thing as "different compressors" - JPEG is one strictly described compression algorithm. To simplify: implementations differ only in how value X ...


Can anyone suggest how to literally make an image "retina display"? I think it doesn't depends on the camera. Does their is any software for it? The term 'Retina Display' is usually a reference to the high resolution screens on some apple products. I assume you're referring to serving higher resolution versions of images to such screens due to their ...

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