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Splitting the sharpening into multiple tasks allows for finer control. Since some kinds of sharpening are creative and therefore subjective (local sharpening of eye, local contrast enhancement etc.), it is a good idea to have individual control over all stages to make sure the result is not overcooked. Besides that, different types and magnitudes of ...


Yes, all the convolutions you mention could be combined into a single one for final implementation. However, it makes sense to break the individual requirements apart in the user interface. A raw convolution kernel function is difficult for even someone trained in such things to mentally derive or convert to the time domain (in this case actually space ...


Well, for one thing, output sharpening is resolution- and device-dependent. When it gets right down to brass tacks, you'd sharpen differently for different papers on the same printer and at the same resolution if you're at all interested in making the best possible print — a printer/paper profile may compensate for colour and (to a somewhat lesser extent) ...


Lightroom has some similar elements to Photoshop but is a different user paradigm. It is a photo organizer and raw processor in one. It is also a non-destructive editor where you don't have to worry about pressing "save as" all of the time.


Photoshop's lookup tables might be the tool that you're looking for, since you can arbitrarily assign input colors to output colors using them. Another possibility is this: http://www.ximagic.com/q_index.html because you can specify a custom pallet for the output image.


Create your action -In your action you MUST "SAVE AS .png" Go to "Automate > Batch -Choose your action, folder, desitination -YOU MUST THEN, Check the box "Override Action "Save As" Commands Click "OK" and wallah! If you saved your action correctly with the "save for web / .png", you will have your image assest outputted properly as .png's NOTE - You will ...

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