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I read that the Canon 7Dmk2 has a killer feature for sports lighting which times the exposure to synchronize with the lights. To fix in post, try shooting a burst which will get the stipes in different positions on each frame. Stack them (auto-align) in Photoshop and use brightest choice for each pixel via blending mode and parameters.


If the whole scene is illuminated by a single light source, it might be possible to create a "flat frame" by taking a picture of the uniform white background illuminated by that light source, and then using the flat frame to compensate your photo for uneven illumination (divide the photo by the flat frame in photoshop/gimp/other). Preparing a good quality ...


It's almost impossible to remove them in post. You'd basically have to repaint the image digitally. Choose a shutter speed that is slow enough to solve the problem in advance and in camera - it's always a better idea to solve problems as soon as practical. Sadly, I don't know a good formula to determine the best speed, but you could just take a few test ...


There are a quite a few image processing algorithms apart from those commonly used in photo software. Each are designed to enhance certain properties. For example, some common properties are: speed localisation (good localisation means the detector response is only high near the edge) edge size (e.g. only detect large edges) edge straightness noise (does ...


You can display a histogram showing the distribution of values from black to white, or see it broken into the three colors, both within higher-end camera viewfinders while viewing the subject or immediately after taking the photo, and also in many image manipulation tools, such as Adobe Photoshop or the free IrfanView. This allows you to make exposure ...

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