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For the following answer: when referring to a file that contains the contents of a disk image file we will use "IMG". When referring to a file that contains a picture in an actual visual image format, we will use "image". If the information in your question is taken at face value It appears to be mainly due to the limited resolution of the original image ...


For photographic images and when a not too high level of compression is used, the loss of quality in the JPEG format is negligible and invisible. You'll pretty much only be able to notice it by directly comparing individual pixels around sharp edges or in very smooth color gradients. This is why JPEG is so popular. If it always resulted in noticeable loss ...


i'd recommend Imagemagick. Something like this should work (untested) FOR %a in (*.jpg) DO convert %a -resize 600x600 -background black -gravity center -extent 600x600 square_%a

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