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As no-one else has mentioned it already... Lightroom is fine. It can convert raw images. Does a reasonable job of them. Got a copy, use it periodically. But I've never been able to get images out of it that match what I can produce from Capture One from my Nikon or Olympus cameras. Back to back conversions on the same file, experimenting with all sorts of ...


This is a very old question but it remains relevant so I'll add my 3 cents. Lightroom's white balance presets seem to be just ballpark figures not tuned to any camera-specific properties. The best way to get Nikon/Canon/whatever-like rendition in Lightroom is described here and here. Basically: Take some photos with your camera using built-in white ...


A matrix is a linear transformation. Gamma (power curve) correction is non-linear. A matrix multiply cannot perform the same transformation as a gamma curve. Therefore you need both. As for "why a gamma curve is needed at all," well that's more complicated. Charles Poynton's Gamma FAQ has this explanation: The luminance generated by a physical device is ...


Disclaimer: I have not used PhotoScan before, I have no experience with the software According to this thread at AgiSoft's forums, you just have to tell PhotoScan what camera/lens you are using, under Tools > Camera Calibration. The rest of the discussion thread has some links to people's results of mapping GoPro images to buildings and sculptures, so it ...

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