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De-focus (or blur, or low-pass) filtering can be accomplished in a single application of Gaussian blur by adjusting the radius parameter to the desired amount of blur. The final file size will be determined by the image dimensions and the degree of detail. You can resize ("scale" in GIMP) the image to the size you want to use first, which will then make the ...


That's a very big question, and like a lot of very big questions, the answer ultimately comes down to "having an eye for that sort of thing". That's why even though the fundamentals aren't too terribly difficult to come to grips with, people like Amy Dresser are able to make a reasonably good living as assemblage artists in the world of commercial ...


In both cases the blur will be reduced, it's just that in the second case you can see that effect more clearly from the powerspectrum in k-space. In general, when you are downscaling, you will not only reduce the blur, you will also lose small details (because you keep the pixel size the same, anything that becomes smaller than one pixel will vanish from ...

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