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India Point Park
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ImageMagick can't do this—it doesn't do projection remapping. But there are a number of other tools that do. I'm pretty sure that Hugin or panoramas tools scripting or Gimp and Mathmap could get you there, but I'm lazy so I paid for a license for a commercial application called Pano2VR. Pano2VR can remap equirectangulars to cube faces. Because the ...


What you are describing is called Dodging (to lighten) and Burning (to darken) in Photograph, techniques that come all the way from shooting and developing film. Photoshop have specific tools for doing this, but the way I like to do it is non-destructively - try using this as a guide:


I know this is an older post but I have a Samsung Note 3. I have an HDR app on the phone that takes 3 different pictures all at difference exposure settings. It then combines the three images and allows me to tweak the settings for the look I want. The process of taking 3 separate pictures is slow. This is a HARDWARE limitation. If anything in your ...

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