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Even with lossy compression the NEF file still contains a lot more information than a JPEG file. There is considerably more data per pixel in the NEF file. Even if the 14 bits color depth is reduced somewhat by the compression, it's still way more than the 8 bits of a JPEG image. You won't see much difference between the JPEG and the NEF in a direct ...


The advantage of RAW over lossy formats isn't that what you see when you preview a RAW image on your monitor will look better than a JPEG or TIFF. This is because all of the data from the RAW image is not displayed. Your monitor is not capable of displaying anywhere near all of that data at once. What you see is an on-the-fly conversion to a format your ...


Tiffs use more 1s and 0s per pixel than jpegs by a ratio of 16384 to 256. Raw files store a little more data in the highlights and the shadows of an image, allowing you to better recover shadows or highlights. When your camera takes a jpeg, it will perform edits on that picture, such as white balance and sharpening changes. If you were to edit one of these ...

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