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Let me take a contrarian view... If you've lost motivation, perhaps your telling yourself something. Why did you start the project? What were the goals? Perhaps you've accomplished them and so the project is done but you haven't admitted it to yourself. Perhaps the project is serving no useful purpose and it's time to start some new project or set some new ...


Good question. Didn't we all at some point feel like all the money spent on the gear is going to waste as it's lying there catching rust. Some of my thoughts: One thing that very easily gets me excited about taking pictures is a new piece of equipment. I wouldn't go as far as getting a new camera to reignite my interest (who am I kidding, I would if I ...


You can shoot many things in Macro including everyday objects like coins, watches, brand of your shoes or your wallet, food (like you cut an orange and shoot every little detail in it), your brother's eye, words from books, key hole in your door, water drops (try to put some water with little oil in a bottle and put the bottle on top of a colorful shirt and ...


I'd have a pretty girl with hardly any clothes on, say a beach volleyball uniform, and use the sun's flare to hide whether she has anything on. Have just a bit more light on the front than a silhouette. Let the flare shine in.


When I got married last year my colleges went on Facebook and downloaded loads of photos of me an my wife. They then made one of these They then printed it off and stuck it on my desk - I must say it was one of the coolest things! Or if you really want a challenge then use Gimp with this tutorial or use these in the tutorial ...


As you are fairly new and just starting, so I think it's better to go with simple things first. One important thing you should know first is the value you increase or decrease in your camera to control the aperture is called F value and this is inversely proportional to aperture. The less the F value = More the aperture, More the F value, less the aperture. ...


Food photography. Not necessarily at the closest focus distance, so not true 1:1 macro, but getting very close, with shallow depth of field can be very nice. If you have kids, kids toys like lego, action figures and so forth, can be fun. They're very colorful. Doll houses, model train sets, anything miniature. You could take a series of a dozen close up ...


I'm always impressed by the amazing detail of small things in nature. They are common and all around us, but we are too big to notice. You can think of a 1:1 macro lens as a low end microscope. You can make detail visible that you couldn't see with your naked eye. These lichens are a good example: I couldn't really "see" this until I took a picture of ...

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