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The ones with the HD designation are better because they transmit considerably more light than any other circular polarizer. This is the minimum you should consider for high quality performance with excellent color-balance, low flare and even illumination. They also have an HD2 line which has the same optical performance but is made of temperred glass which ...


Yes, this is an excellent polarizer. Probably the best there is and certainly the best one I own. I paid much more than that for the 77mm. Hoya HD polarizers let about 1 stop more light pass through than normal or multi-coated ones. This is a tremendous advantage.


I have used both and know for fact that the HOYA will bind readily to other filter you stack it on. You will find yourself spending time trying to separate them every time you use it. Very annoying factor. I am tired of having to carry those wrenches to unbind them. B+W lines made off brass and just won't bind. Those XS-Pro filters are even thinner than ...


B+W filters use brass rings, vs Hoya, which uses aluminum rings. Now, I will preface this that I am not sure about Hoya HD, as its new and there is no info on the Hoya website. However the Pro1 line is aluminum. B+W uses brass because it is less susceptible to shrinking/growing in cold/hot weather, and won't bind to filter threads on a lens. This means that ...


I'd recommend the square filters you've found. A great many filter types are made in the 100mm size, which is the size I'd recommend for this. The most popular system for this is the Cokin system, but there are competing systems. HiTech makes them, too, for instance, as does Lee, as you've found. The basic idea is that you buy a filter holder and then as ...


Note that Lenstip did a test of the HD version later, and it confirms the higher transmittance. So if you are in a situation where your lens gets too slow with pol filter, then this is more important than the other things that drags its score down. It is the ...


Read the polarizing filter review at and then consider the top-rated Marumi DHG super circular polarizer for the same price as the Hoya. (I share the 77 mm version of the Marumi among several lenses via a step-down ring.)

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