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Yes, it is worth using a hot shoe cover. It protects the electrical contacts and the "side rails" from damage. They can easily get "pinched" by a slight bit of impact. In some fast working environments it is time consuming, yet worth the hassle. *I had to replace my Canon SLR Hot Shoe flash mount after my camera fell over during a long night exposure. A ...


I'd recommend using some kind of hotshoe cover (even if it's not OEM) whenever possible. On cameras without a hotshoe cover for extended periods of time, I've had external flashes fail to communicate properly with the camera, dumbly firing at full power every time I release the shutter rather than using only as much power as appropriate, because the hotshoe ...


Assuming your body isn't weather-sealed, the hotshoe contacts don't need much protection as the rest of the camera would suffer before the contacts, which are easily cleaned. I sometimes use a hotshoe cover with a built-in spirit level (neither of my cameras has a level display in the viewfinder). It's handy especially on a tripod, but keeps getting ...


In some cases, using a hotshoe cover prevents the internal flash from popping up. Many Canon models had (currently have? I don't know) a microswitch in the hotshoe rails, that sensed the presence of a flash. Of course, the hotshoe cover's geometry looks just like the foot of a flash, so the camera thought an external flash was attached, and would not pop up ...


I've never used a hot shoe cover. I've shot outdoors with various cameras (Mostly Canon since the early 1990s) for several decades and never had an issue with a hot shoe that could be remotely related to not using a hot shoe cover. In fact, the only hot shoe related issue I can remember ever having was due to one of the contact springs on an outer rail ...


The hotshoe cover is to protect the contacts in the hotshoe from any dirt or water exposure or damage that might be caused during use of the camera. I've lost the hotshoe covers for all my cameras the first time I've used the flash, and despite using my camera out in the great outdoors a lot (around a lot of children), I've never felt like they added much ...

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