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The SB700s have built-in wireless triggers for multiple flash-unit photography. I am assuming all your flashes are SB700/800/900 or compatible. You will not need the Yongnuo RF. The master flash unit on your camera commands the remote units. The flash mode can be set on each flash unit. If ...


I once (this one, I think) tried to stick a gopro onto the same tripod with my dSLR video, but could not contrive a steady enough mount. In this case I did not want them stacked on the same head, so the gopro doesn't move with the main camera panning. My idea was to use it as fallback when the dSLR loses a few seconds between clips, and to replace vibrating ...


In 2011, The New York Times wrote about Doug Mills using such a rig to shoot video with the attached camera while shooting still images with images with main camera. In his interview in December 2013 (at 00:19:49), he shows a Canon 5DmkII mounted on top of a D1x [sic, I guess he meant a Canon 1D x]. Joey Daoud has pushed the idea further to shoot video at ...

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