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Napioa - Wind Origins
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I would check how your YN-560 is seated on the flash hotshoe. Inside the rails of your camera's hotshoe, there should be a physical switch that tells the camera when an external flash is mounted, and this should prevent the pop-up flash from popping up. If the camera isn't getting that signal, the switch could be stuck or broken, or your flash may not be ...


The Nikon internal flash is supposed to popup if camera is in Auto mode, anytime when the system thinks flash will be helpful. It Never pop ups in camera A, S, P, or M modes, where the user opens the flash door to use flash, and user does not open door if not wanting flash (user control). But Auto mode pops open the flash. However it should not popup if ...


I don't know why, but it appears that Pentax can only do HSS while in P-TTL mode. Canon and Nikon do allow HSS in manual mode.

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