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I'll explain the image stacking method here. Image stacking can yield better results, you then take multiple images at lower ISO and/or expose for a shorter time. A practical way to go about this is to just take the first picture at a high ISO and expose for long enough until you see the details you want to see, but possibly with a lot of noise and a lot of ...


You can't really prevent hot pixels on long exposures, you can only deal with them. For a single four minute exposure the easiest way is to use what is known as Dark Frame Subtraction. Different manufacturers have different names for in camera versions of it. Canon, the brand I shoot, calls it Long Exposure Noise Reduction. After an image is taken the ...


I know this is an old thread, but here is my 2 cents: I just shot the (08/13/15) 2015 Perseids meteor shower in the California desert and for the first time got the random dot noise, not the standard long exposure/high ISO noise. One thing different this time was the ambient temperatures of 111 degrees F in the day and 75 F at night on my Nikon D700. I ...

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