Alley in Pisa, Italy

by Lars Kotthoff

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I'm no expert in this area but I did find a quite interesting blog post from Jim Kasson Photography: In 1957...Kodak Tri-X... Twenty exposures were 85 cents, and a 36 exposure roll was $1.15. And that roll of Tri-X, the one that sold for $1.15 in 1957, or $8.43 in today’s dollars? You can still buy one. It’s changed a bit; it’s twice as fast and ...


More "exposure" LOL you're funny. As for film, i am fifty years old, and growing up my dad owned a drug store. We sold all the typical films back then, 110, 35 mm , Polaroid and the cute little flash bulb packs. Of course Polaroid was the hot new thing and very expensive! We thought. Maybe 8 dollars a pack? 110 was a couple dollars and fancy 35mm three or ...

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