Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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Notice that the girls face has hardly any shadows. This means that the light source, from the perspective of the subject, is large and diffuse. This can be achieved by a ring flash and shoot close to the subject or, alternatively, put a huge white box behind you. If you have lots of lights, then 4 strip lights above, left, bottom, right of subject can give ...


Image above does not give a good feel for original. There are many versions on web. Most are small and unattributed. Larger version here A small version from what claims to be the original source is seen here They have dozens of similarly rendered images of young girls. Home page TANNEKE PHOTOGRAPHY "artistieke & romantische kinderportretten door ...


You could play with exposure and post-processing, but the most important step would be the lighting of the shot. I would think butterfly (clam shell) lighting to brighten the face, eliminate shadows and reduce texture on the face.

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