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Take your ambient exposures for inside and out. Then expose for the windows whilst using fill flash so that the window frames are lit making it an easy cut and paste. Combine fill and ambient exposures to your taste. Mask in or out shadow and highlight areas within the interior that are getting lost.


Your posted image, when inspected with ExifTool, shows Easy Mode : High Dynamic Range Shooting Mode : High Dynamic Range The exposure details are only for one of the exposures, of course.


There are almost no details in this image's shadows, so almost any post work will add unflattering noise. But there are some cool details in the sky that either of the two methods I mention here may bring out. If you're using a newer version of Photoshop, you can use the Camera Raw filter (shift + command/ctrl + A). In older versions of Photoshop you can ...


At least in some camera models it looks like Canon store the following in EXIF: HDR Shooting: Enable/Disable Adjust dynamic range: Enable/Disable HDR Effect: Natural/Art Standard/etc. Auto Image Align: Enable/Disable What you see may depend on the tool you use. The Canon software would most likely display it. Not sure if Exiftool would. One of the ...

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