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Philosophical Ramblings: I commend you on exploring. Having developed the Faith that something useful exists, and taking the effort and time to make the journey. Acting to extinguish self-deceit. Perhaps a more "Useful" commentary: What might happen if you take your camera with a flash unit attached, and turn it upside down to take the picture? Put it ...


On many of the Canon EOS cameras, an external software is available to not only provide 20 levels of exposure bracketing, but focus bracketing as well. Taking multiple shots in Nikon HDR mode


Not all Nikons have a built-in HDR mode. However, many Nikon and Canon have an advanced HDR option that far exceeds built-in options in many respects; compactness not being one of them. Many Nikon and Cannon cameras can be externally controlled and set their internal settings via USB. External laptops with HDR software provides for Advanced HDR in many ...


The problem you are facing is that you want to take a circumstance with extremely high dynamic range (more than any digital camera sensor can handle) and make a photo with a more "normal" perceptible dynamic range. You have a few options here... Compress the dynamic range in the actual scene by adding lights. See @moorej's answer and related link to the ...


I assume you mean the HDR mode that the D5100 has. Possible one or two other models. That only merges two shots internally into a JPG. There is no way to take additional shots. If you need more control, you'd need to manually shoot however many shots you need, use RAW and post-process. If you use Matrix metering, you can select the EV difference between ...

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