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What really matters is your goal. What image do you want to create? You haven't said anything about that. a pro's tool ain't your tool, necessarily tool of HDR pros A "pro" chooses the right tool to get the job done. Pros might choose to use anything between a large format camera, 35mm flagship DSLR and a Polaroid camera for a paid job. Are you ...


I don't think it's possible in Lightroom. You could, however, cut down the processing passes by stitching three bracketed sets first, and then doing the HDR/exposure fusion of the panoramas, so instead of exposure-merging eight sets of images and then stitching, you stitch three sets of eight images, and then exposure merge three panos. It is possible to ...


I just did a 360 hdr pano using the new built in features. There isn't a one button setup that you could select them all and make it happen. You can do your first round of hdr and while it is processing use the keyboard shortcuts Alt-Shift-H (Windows) or Option-Shift-H (Mac) to use the same settings on the next bracket to get it started. Then you can go onto ...


There is no way to make the standard Camera application keep the source photos, that were used for creating the HDR picture. It can only keep one source photo for each HDR, if enabled in the Photos & Camera Settings, which won't let you re-create a better HDR but at least allows you to save a decent photo in case the HDR turns out disastrous because of ...


Go to Settings > Photos & Camera then find Keep Normal Photo, ensure that is on (with the slider green), and it will keep both photos it takes, when details are viewed, a little 'HDR' symbol will appear in one of the top corners of the HDR version

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