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As the previous answer demonstrates, you can merge the different exposures using layers. But it's a lot of work. I'd suggest trying enfuse, which I've been quite happy with. It produces realistic looking output, not the dreaded "HDR look", and does so with pretty much no work on your part. It runs via the command line. However, if you have Lightroom ...


Olivier's answer is great, but I'd like to provide my shorter one: A rule of thumb is to never shoot handheld with shutter speed slower than 1/60th of a second. At night the shutter will almost certainly have to be slower than that so it is quite a bad idea to go handheld anyway. Use a tripod. There probably is no way for you to reprogram the AEB on your ...


Blues turn purple when the saturation of the blue is reduced in LAB because LAB is not perceptually uniform. See In your first picture, the sky is already very saturated in the "before" version. I also saw that you have the saturation setting pumped up. I have no idea what color space Photomatix ...


There is an article on strobist that goes over shooting a CFL bulb. The author forgoes HDR and the like and just uses speedlights. If you don't have access to strobes and are only using continuous lighting, then you can still balance the CFL with your other lighting; simply set your camera up for a longer exposure (stopping down the lens, low iso, and low ...


In the immortal words of the late National Geographic photo editor Bob Gilka, "Kid, if you want to be a better photographer, you're going to have to stand in front of more interesting stuff." That said, welcome to the sometimes not-so-wonderful world of the commercial/industrial photographer. As often as not, making a dramatic, exciting picture of something ...

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