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Besides post-processing, a soft focus or diffusion filter will soften detail. With proper lighting it may also add a halo effect to the subject. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/457719-REG/Tiffen_W52DDFX2_52mm_Digital_Diffusion_F_X.html


Usually, people are aware that they have it, but don't want it to be so pronounced. If you can use Gimp, there is a plugin called Wavelet decompose. In this site there is some information on how to use it to retouch pictures. I like that technique because you don't need to complete remove what doesn't please you, but you can minimize it so the picture ...


Take a lot of shots with a great variety of compositions (emphasis the person in some, the landscape in others, and so on) and gradually discover your own voice.


Generally the subject is the focus, but it really depends on your creative vision as to how you balance the background and the subject in frame. How blurry the background should be, how wide the frame should be beyond the subjects and where in the frame the subjects should be are all artistic choices that don't have a "right" answer. Close up shots focus ...


For an individual portrait, you want a short telephoto lens. This allows you to stand 10-20 feet away from your subject, which is considered flattering because it minimizes the distortion that results from getting too close, while taking a half-length portrait. Short telephoto generally means around 70-135 mm on full-frame, so your 50mm f/1.8 on a cropped ...

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