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InDesign or any other Desktop Publishing Software. Choose a suitable view-quality setting. This won't affect the results but will not draw the images in a high-resolution while you are editing the document. Once you export, they will be used in the high resolution. Create a canvas with the desired target size. Add placement boxes in the shape that you ...


A couple of ideas. If you happen to be a Lightroom user, then I believe you could do this with the Lightroom Print module - you'd set it up as you want, with the size, settings etc, then export it as a file rather than actually printing it. I've done this with smaller sets of images (e.g. for a triptych), but I don't see any reason you couldn't do it with a ...


You can use ImageMagick (open source and cross-platform) and use the command (assuming that your photos are PNGs): montage *.png -tile 1x -mode Concatenate out.jpg -tile 1x: concatenate vertically (use -tile x1 for horizontal) -mode Concatenate: concatenate without any white space between the images More details on the montage program (part of ...


Since you said this would just be a background then you might want to try 'googling' the words: photo mosaic maker. You'll find lots of software and online applications to make a large photo mosaic. 'Mosaic' seems to be the word that the app developers prefer for this type of activity. We'd be interested in your result after you finish.


You could use an image editor like Photoshop or Gimp and create a large canvas and adding all the images as layers. Or something like Illustrator and Inkscape, that allow you to treat the images as object, for a bit more freedom to play. But honestly, I think that 2300 photos on the same image are going to be huge, and I'm not sure if it's manageable with ...

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