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That would be quite difficult. The photographer would need to: Upload the photo to a public site (Website, flickr, instagram, etc...). If they just post it to their Facebook, you may need to be friends with them (or tehir friends) to find/see it. have geolocation (which phones have, but many cameras still do not) or manually tag the image with the ...


If you want to keep the gps feature on you could always buy an extended battery. B&H Photography has one here . For 50 dollars it will probably bump up your battery life to higher than your d3100. In addition you could use a speedlight instead of the built in flash as speedlights have batteries of their own.


Yes, having GPS turned on will drain the battery pretty quickly. This is true of any camera, not just the D5300. Not much you can do about it if you want your photos GPS tagged. If you turn GPS off, you should find that the D5300 has pretty much the same battery life as your D3100: 600 shots for the D5300 vs 550 shots for the D3100. Camera battery life is ...


I created a project recently that does exactly this, traverse your Google Photos and outputs a map (kml file).

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