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I recently picked up an SLR Zoom with the ball head to use with my Canon T5i for taking macro photos outside. It's not perfect, and it can get pretty finicky for stability if you have the camera too much off level. It's good in a pinch (and infinitely better than hand-holding for macro work), but using either a long timer or a remote becomes critical, and ...


No it isn't I returned one I'd ordered to use with a Canon EOS 40D. It couldn't support this even with the fairly lightweight 50mm f1.8 lens. It would be worth investigating the Gorillapod Focus, which is designed for heavier cameras. I'm going to get one to try it out, but haven't got round to it yet


Unfortunately, no. While a Gorillapod is highly practical, and I have the SLR-Zoom too, it is weakest for long lenses because it is very sensitive to an off-center center-of-gravity. When a lens extends out much from the camera body, Gorillapod becomes unstable.

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