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Rubber Lens Hoods are available to use when shooting through glass. You place the front of the hood flat on the glass window and can then move the camera at various angles. Just be careful not to move the camera to a spot so that part of the rubber hood folds into the lens' field of view.


The usual way to reduce glare is to use a polarizing filter. You mount it to your lens and rotate it until the reflection is much less intense. A quality polarizer makes an enormous difference but it still cannot remove all glare in all cases. The approach you describe avoids reflection on the glass. It is restrictive the way you do it but you can also use ...


There's a YouTube video entitled How to print photo on glass that may be helpful. It demonstrates a process whereby the glass is first coated with a 2-part transparent primer, printed in a flatbed inkjet printer that has adjustable head height. Colors are printed first, followed by a solid white layer. The primer components are shown at the very beginning of ...


Colour space information is not useful in this instance because every printing machine will have its own assigned colour space. Some machines will not be able to accept colour space changes and some machines will only be able to use wide gamut or CIE specified colour space specifications. Potentially, you could specify any one from a hundred different colour ...

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