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Not an ideal solution, but following is the quickest and most reliable solution I found: First, geotag a handfull of photos at critical waypoint (first and last on the track, as well as at the major bends). I prefer using GeoSetter for this, but there is a number of good applications. Next, create a GPS log out of these few geotagged photos using ExifTool, ...


I would think it would be a lot easier to create a tracklog manually. I think you could do that in Google Earth; select a bunch of likely waypoints and then a path to create one and export. I would guess it will not have any timestamps, so you'd have to use a text editor to add some, bracketed by your photos timestamps. Then use any of various georeferencing ...


I don't think there's anything like that. You may be able to find someone to write a bunch of code for an open source program, maybe, but I don't think you'll find that in particular as a default option for a program. To batch-edit exif data for a single location, however, I find Geosetter to be the best program available. You can pick a bunch of images and ...


If you use a Mac, there's a $4 geotagging app called Photo GeoTag from the Mac App Store:


You can use GeoSetter. It is a freeware tool for Windows. GeoSetter uses Exiftool for writing tags, but provides an easy to use GUI. It lets you select what photos you want to geotag, or you can edit existing tags. You can tag photos by synchronising with a GPS file, or pick the location on a map, or enter the latitude/longitude manually. If you don't have ...


The GPicSync features list implies that it can do this, but I didn't see any documentation as to how, so if it's not discoverable from the interface, you can use exiftool directly like this: exiftool -gpslatitude="$lat" -gpslatituderef="$lat" -gpslongitude="$lon" -gpslongituderef="$lon" "$filename" where "$lat" and "$lon" are the lattitude and longitude ...

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