Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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I tried hard to find a source for that information, but no luck. However, it doesn't sound right to me because the idea behind putting a gel on a flash is to alter the light to match the ambient, be it tungsten, fluorescent, etc. That activity is independent of the sensor or the film in and of itself, it's simply about making the light outputs match each ...


What color are your walls painted, you said you are using your home studio, right? Maybe your lights are bouncing off your walls and bringing back some color into your images. Just food for thought.


No. Don't try gels. Your camera should have a custom white balance setting. Something like this: You need a 3 step process for this: 1) Take a photo of a white object using either Sun White Balance or Flash White balance (I prefer using sun). You can use a sheet of paper but as they can vary in color you probably need a gray card ...

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