High Falls, Pigeon River

by Jakub

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So much misinformation. Where to start? I teach photography at UMD so i hope i can clear this up for you. Your fullframe camera- thats just sensor size. Full-frame is the old 35mm film size. Its a tad larger than your aps-c sensors. It also means theres no conversion needed to talk about lenses in mm's. If we say 85mm, its 85mm. Your iPhone camera ...


The lens plus converter is f8—won't focus on a 5dII. I think the only body with f8 AF is the 1dx. Even if it did focus, being a stop slower mostly eats up the advantage of FF. Converters are never optically perfect. They WILL soften your image. But often not enough to matter. The only way a converter makes sense over a crop sensor is if it gets you ...


Your basic assumption about teleconverters is right. But you haven't done the math: 1/2" is 6.4mm x 4.8mm—doubled is still only 12.8mm x 9.6mm. OTOH it's not unheard-of for tiny format lenses to have image circles well larger than their specification.

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