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If you shoot FX wide open at close subjects you will probably like the results. The Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX is rather unique in that it has almost FX coverage. Many FX users report acceptable results with it. The field of view will be identical to a 35mm FX lens but there will be strong vignetting which is more noticeable as you stop down or shoot more distant ...


Using DX lens means that only a part of its huge FX sensor is actually in use. As for me, this really kills the whole point of owning a full-frame camera, significantly downgrading an image quality. Strongly advise you to get an FX lens to get a real taste of your camera's capabilities.


Spend your big money on quality lenses and learn how to use them to get exactly what you want. The technical differences between FF and APS are negligible for an amateur who is not blowing images up to A1 size. And if you're shooting for a living, it's a different question... Bodies will come and go, but your lenses will serve you for many years!


Is there a "right" time to buy camera bodies, both mirrorless in my case as well as DSLRs? Yes. But like any other camera purchase decision, it will be highly individual, depending on a number of factors, such as what your budget is, what your needs are, and how much you care about specific aspects of image quality. For some people, with purchasing full ...


When you need to. That is the one and only time you need to think about it. If the answer to one or more of these questions is a Yes, then you may want to consider an upgrade... Do you need a shallower depth of field? Do you need a bazillion megapixels? Do you want to use old or specific lenses that require full frame? Is your viewfinder too small? ...


From my personal experience, the best time to buy and stay somewhat current, is to buy the previous model just as the next one is released (there seems to be a push to get new models out for NAB which happens every spring). There are often deals for Black Friday, but they are often for overstock of older models so there may not be many available. (see ...


Try going through where the author mentions the usage of 35mm DX lens with D600


FF sensors behave better in low light situations because of the pixel pitch, and inherent physical size of the photo sites. It does not have to do with the size of the image circle being created by the lens. If an aps-c sensor and a full frame sensor are the same MP, then the area of the image circle we can capture increases, causing the density of the ...


The job of the camera lens is to project an image of the outside world onto the surface of the image sensor. All lenses project a fairly large circular image. Only the center portion has good definition. The boundaries of this image are indistinct and dim. The boundaries are blurred because the image forming rays hit obliquely. What should image as points ...


Your last sentence gets it right. The extra light is wasted because it falls outside the sensor area. In the approximation that your lens is a single thin lens (it is not, but it is a useful way to think about it) the rays that pass through the center of the lens are not changed in direction. In full frame, you need rays that pass at a wider angle so you ...

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