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There's no benefit in terms of image quality to the larger sensor of the 610 if you are going to use DX lenses in crop mode (except possibly in noise, not sure exactly how the D610 compares to the D3200). Having said that there's no real loss either when resizing images for the web - 10 megapixels is plenty. You could probably get away with the 35 f/1.8 in ...


The existing answers has plenty of useful information. Still it is worth to take a look at the following too... THE 11 KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE MICRO 4/3 VS THE DSLR These smaller system cameras open up new ways to shoot, they allow you take DSLR quality with you anywhere, with excellent fast prime lenses. They allow you go relatively unnoticed ...


Yes. The larger the format, the wider the view. The Pentax 645D, for example, has approximately a 0.78x crop factor. So a 50mm lens on a 645D would give a field of view similar to a 39mm lens--assuming the 50mm lens's image circle can cover the entire sensor of the 645D.

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