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The sensors could be made to a square format (though the current diameter would not accommodate 36x36mm, it would need to be about 30mm) if there was a demand for it. But by that logic the question we may actually need to be answering is why aren't sensors circular given that lenses present a circular image? There were some attempts at circular sensors in ...


That's not correct. Look at this picture: The green rectangle is a 36x24 sensor. The green circle, which has a diameter of 43.3mm, is the minimal light spot needed for that size. The blue square is 36x36 sensor. The blue circle, which has a diameter of 50.9mm, is the minimal light spot needed for that size. As you can see a lens suitable for 36x24 does ...


Square is not necessarily larger. 24 megapixels will hold: 3:2 6000x4000 pixels 4:3 5657x4243 pixels 1:1 4899x4899 pixels And "pictures" have mostly always been rectangular, from most film, and paintings too (like Rembrandt). We did have square medium film, but the print paper was rectangular . It seems a matter of strong preference.


Is it possible and why it has not been done yet ? Not necessarily. A 24x36mm sensor will easily fit in an image circle that's too small for a 36x36mm sensor. Specifically, a 24x36mm sensor requires a minimum diameter of about 44mm to cover the sensor. A 36x36mm sensor would require an image circle of about 51mm diameter. A square sensor is certainly ...

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