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I prefer ImageMagick for managing & converting raw formats. It can read Fujifilm's RAF format, but can't write this file format. See here for list of supported formats. ImageMagick also supports many manipulative options for altering color channels, and gamma correction &etc.


RAW Therapee and darktable are very capable programs for developing RAWs. Both of them can handle recent RAF files and are native in Linux. XnView MP is a decent viewer for viewing them under Linux. FujiFilm RAW file converter works using Wine with some GUI problems.


All film expires. Unfortunately, film expiry dates are printed on the box (which has obviously been discarded in this case), not on the 135 film cartridge itself. Fujifilm Sensia was discontinued in 2010. Expiry dates would be in the range of 2-3 years after manufacture. Film should really be cold stored over longer periods, but it's entirely possible that ...

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