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This is actually a characteristic of the leaf shutter used in Fuji's X10/X20/X30 and X100 cameras. The leaf shutter can only travel so quickly. The wider the aperture is open, the slower the shutter speed has to be to accommodate the operation speed of the leaf shutter. It's a mechanical limit. In M and shutter priority modes, Fuji is allowing the faster ...


Fuji's X-series cameras always remind me of the Minolta HiMatic 7s. The reason there are so many examples of cameras that look like a Fuji X-camera is probably that everybody wanted their camera to look like a Leica. Here's a comparison of the iconic Leica M3 with the Fuji X-100 from Nokton on Flickr: I'm looking for a mechanical vintage camera As ...


One free open source alternative to view and edit the RAF files from the X10 in OSX is Darktable, which also works on Linux.


Fujifilm's recent cameras take their design cues from rangefinder cameras of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. At that time, a look similar to this was typical, just as DSLRs in the 2000s tended to be rounded blobs of black plastic or today's smartphones are mostly shiny black rectangles. Therefore, there are many candidates, but I think perhaps the closest is ...


Apparently, this is not a sweep panorama feature, but a panorama mode where multiple frames are taken in a burst and then stitched together. You may also be sweeping in the wrong direction, accidentally pressing the shutter button too early, or not sweeping far enough (120°). From the user manual: To select the angle through which you will pan ...

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