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It sounds like your options are limited with the X100S. For example, this post suggests that the X100S is not RR-80 compatible, and that your only option is a mechanical cable release. There is some speculation on the web about X100S having the ability to release the shutter through a mic input. This user seems to believe that the RR-90 Remote Release ...


Did you manually set the focus by rotating the focus point all the way left\right? If so that could be your problem. On many modern lenses infinity is not actually at the end of rotation, but a little bit before, I.e. you can focus past infinity (and thus out of focus). I believe this is due to the way autofocus mechanisms work. The auto focus needs to go ...


Don't panic! There actually is an autofocus switch on the lens itself. You may have glanced over this in the manual but not paid attention. The entire focus ring can actually click forward or backwards. When it's back, a distance scale is exposed and the lens is in manual focus mode. When it's forward, autofocus. You must have moved it inadvertently. Push it ...


So, you can't — there's no option for this. However, if you use the EVF only + eye sensor mode, and then press the DISP button while looking at the rear screen, it will a cycle between: no-distraction live view (only showing the scene) live view with shooting info (aperture, ISO, focus mode, etc., as configured in the settings menu) a black and white ...

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