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So, you can't — there's no option for this. However, if you use the EVF only + eye sensor mode, and then press the DISP button while looking at the rear screen, it will a cycle between: no-distraction live view (only showing the scene) live view with shooting info (aperture, ISO, focus mode, etc., as configured in the settings menu) a black and white ...


I have been scouring the 'net for info on connecting to my brand new fuji x-t10 from Linux, but have come up completely empty-handed. I tried sniffing the connection (I installed a packet sniffer on my phone), and what I've come up with so far is that a tcp connection is made from the phone to (which is the camera) on port 55740. It appears to ...


Your best would be to find a PictureStyle that fits your needs. There's a QuickGuide to Picture Style Settings and Customization pdf that will get you started. It is from the Canon Digital Learning Center.( I'd like to quote from this article that's about the adjsutments specific to your camera in the following: Find the Picture ...


I think there is a missconception of post processing. Adjusting Camera settings is doing a post process but not done by yourself, but the camera. I don't imagine a camera that renders a black as that one in its raw file. I think there is a need to have "pure photography", which is good. But you most likley don't have that in a digital world. You also ...


If your camera supported custom tone curves, you'd be able to get a similar result to this straight out of camera. Unfortunately, yours doesn't, so your only option is post-processing. There are many ways one would get this effect in post. Basic levels adjustment - put the black point output as a value above 0 using a levels control or similar in ...


One out of 200 shots, statistically would mean that either your shutter button was pushed all the way down before auto focus had a chance to acquire or something in the shot changed the focus. I suggest using back button focus if possible on your camera to separate the shutter button from the auto focus, it will also be helpful when recomposing.

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