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Well, my 7 year old son refused to listen to the advice, but instead changed the setting from 6M quality to 2M quality on my Finepix A610 and it fixed the problem ! If that doesn't work , use 0.3M . Oh, and he says to set the mode to manual, otherwise it will blur. Cool, I'm very happy about that.


The problem with using the Jupiter 8 on a camera with a cropped sensor isn't that the back of the lens will touch the sensor. The adapter ring, such as your "Tarion", insures that the rear of the lens will remain in front of the sensor since it establishes a registration distance for which the lens was designed. The problem is that the rear of the lens is ...


In the manual for the X-T10 or X-Pro2 (and probably others), when describing the AF+MF feature, Fujifilm suggests: Set the focus ring to the center of the focus distance indicator, as the camera may fail to focus if the ring is set to infinity or the minimum focus distance. This seems entirely reasonable. Of course you can't then get to extremes far ...

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