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I have an AE1, On the AE1 the film counter will continue to progress ( the numbers will keep advancing) from 1 to 38 regardless of whether or not there is film in the camera, if there is no film in the camera you can keep actuating the shutter (after 38 is visible )and using the film advance lever forever. If you had loaded your film properly (the ...


You did not feel any tension during rewinding in camera and the film did not move when you tried rotating the center by hand. That suggests that the film separated from the center spool. The film is actually mostly in the cassette, but if it separated from the spool, it couldn't be rewound, which suggests that it was never unwound and exposed. There is the ...


It can't be done. The Fuji X-Pro 2, the current top-of-the-line model does not offer that ability. You'll have to move closer or back, or use a filter designed to give a "whole scene" white balance filter.


Well, my 7 year old son refused to listen to the advice, but instead changed the setting from 6M quality to 2M quality on my Finepix A610 and it fixed the problem ! If that doesn't work , use 0.3M . Oh, and he says to set the mode to manual, otherwise it will blur. Cool, I'm very happy about that.

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