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Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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The first generation of EXR sensors were SuperCCD EXR and produced in 1/2.3" and 1/1.6" sizes. When Fuji switched to CMOS, they introduced the EXR CMOS in 2/3" and 1/2.3" sizes. The largest being the 2/3" sensor which is present in the X10. EXR cameras all had EXR initially in their name, so they are easy to identify: F200 EXR S200 EXR F70 EXR F80 EXR ...


Many manufacturers offer viewfinder extenders, but Fuji doesn't list one among the accessories for HS-series cameras. However, there are some third party "viewfinder magnifier" options that fit cameras from a number of manufacturers, including Fuji. It's hard to say whether these would fit your model (especially considering the age of this question) but they ...


Have you tried Lightzone? I have a Fuji XE1 and Lightzone works perfectly. You can join and download for free from the project's website


There is a "bulb" setting of sorts on the X-S1 that allows specific shutter times at 1 second intervals to be set. If 15 seconds is too fast but 30 seconds is too long, you can try, for example, 22 seconds or 18 seconds or 20 seconds or 19 seconds until you zero in on what works best. But the longest possible shutter time is 30 seconds (actual exposure time ...


Holga makes a 2.5x tele add-on lens for their K200-NM camera. They also make an adapter + 2.5x tele kit specifically for the Instax Mini 7 (Amazon US link).

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