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By far the best way I have found to transfer any file from a camera is to remove the SD card from the camera and plug it into SD card reader on the target computer. Linux should mount the SD card and then you can then use the cp (copy) command to copy the files. I would not recommend connecting your camera to the computer using a USB cable because far too ...


Unless Fuji, the manufacturer of the X100, publishes such a specification I doubt there is any reliable way to estimate the expected shutter life of the leaf shutter on the X100 unless you are willing to buy a large sample of X100 cameras and do the testing yourself. I am aware of no independent review/testing organization that publicly publishes results ...


When you zoom, you will see some numbers on the lens: Read them carefully! It says on the left side and right side: LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE equiv.135 80mm 14.4mm 135 24.4mm 200 35.9mm 300 53.9mm 500 89.8mm 830 149.1mm

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