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Yes, you can use that lens on an MD/MC adapter for four-thirds--any manual focus SLR lens that has an aperture ring can be used with the appropriate adapter ring. Because the lens doesn't do any electronic communication (and if it did, the adapters wouldn't translate it) any function that involves the camera "talking to" the lens doesn't happen. You must ...


I think the options are pretty straightforward. Stick With 4/3 While the system is pretty much dead and no longer growing, you could, with your budget, still find a used higher-tiered and newer body than the E-510. The E-450, E-520, E-600, E-620, E-30, E-3, and E-5 are all bodies that came out after your E-510 and could offer sensor improvements as well ...


This article on 4/3 Rumors about the future of 4/3rds is two years old now, but everything said is still true. Although no one has officially turned off the lights and locked the door, the original Four Thirds system is defunct, with both big players (and for that matter, smaller ones like Kodak licensee JK Imaging) supporting the mirrorless camera system ...


The 4/3s system itself is as dead as a dodo - Olympus were the last manufacturer supporting the system, and the last 4/3s camera they released was the E-5 in 2010. Does that mean your lenses are completely useless? Not necessarily - the micro 4/3s system is alive and kicking with support from both Olympus and Panasonic (and one camera from JK Imaging, who ...

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