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I've tried Photoshopping a lot of high-res images from Google with a solid white and solid black background but it's just so very difficult to get a sharp crisp real image on a transparent background. I'm not sure I understand you correctly here, but the reason why these images have solid white or black backgrounds is to make it easy to add them on top ...


What you need (if I understood correctly) is just a lot of contrast between background and your subject. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet about this. I suggest you take a look at the "composing" sections here and there on different websites. What I can really recommend are 2 options: A program that lets you "cut" quite precisely your subjects ...


My thoughts are the easiest way to accomplish this would be a green screen...or a green table cloth. Place your food on the table cloth, get good and consistent lighting and fire away. At that point, you could just photoshop and replace the green with transparency. You might still have some shadows from under the place, but you can darken those. I'd also ...

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