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If you have automatic white balance enabled, you can try using something like a "daylight" setting instead. This should result in less blue channel gain (and noise) when the scene is lit by incandescent (or other "warm") sources... at the cost of displaying the scene as very yellow, obviously. This has the possible side benefit of giving you a more accurate ...


You are right. A shorter focal-length has more depth of field but this will get reduced by having to stand closer. Unless you crop, the depth-of-field for equal framing will remain almost the same. I made exact calculations when shopping for a macro lens this fell within 0.1% difference. You are left with closing down the aperture. F/8 is sharp and very ...


I see few solutions: Make focal length shorter. When it is shorter DoF is bigger Close apperture. I know usually at f8 the sharpnes is best, but... Invest in tilt-shift lens and tilt it for maximum DoF


This is possible using Sony SLT technology. It would be possible with cameras that use the imaging-sensor to do autofocus, using on-chip Phase-Detect sensors. The reason this is not possible on most cameras is that during exposure the Phase-Detect sensor is out of the optical path. On a DSLR, the mirror goes up to expose the sensor and has to be down to let ...


When you say it looks like there is no lens attached, the only thing that comes to mind is the battery being flat. Given it's a new camera, try charging up the battery. With a dead battery you see almost nothing through the viewfinder. Very dark and very blurry (not just out of focus). With the battery charged it might look blurry if the lens wasn't ...


I have had good success running an HDMI cable from the camera to an LCD TV, using Live View and magnifying the image with the picture quality button. A bright star works best. This is also convenient for odd camera angles. There are several smaller LCD TVs available that run on 12V. I've tried using some of the camera programs on the Laptop but the image ...


Things that's catch you out, from recent experience and echoing some of the above. As all the photographic setting's side has been pretty much covered... This is primarily assuming your going to be shooting somewhere quite cold and a remote dark location. Take a second camera! Beg, Borrow, Hire a second camera, if anything like me you travel thousands of ...

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