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Time to be with loved ones

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This was taken at night at a street fair in Oceanside, CA with a G16 at 1/60 @ f/2.8, hand-held, in jpg mode. Minor Lightroom touchup. The trick is to learn how to hold your camera steady. Practice makes a huge difference.


You should realize that when shooting at high subject magnification, the effect of camera shake on image blur is also magnified. Although the lens provides some image stabilization, its effectiveness decreases when shooting near 1:1, to the point where a shutter speed of 1/100s may not be sufficiently fast to avoid blur entirely. That said, many ...


From my experience working with macro at about 1:1 enlargement, it's practically impossible to shoot handheld reliably - what I have to do is to try more than one shot each time, possibly powered by off-camera flash to help freeze movement of the subject, usually in manual focus. Many rules fall apart when shooting macro: even f/22 is not enough depth of ...


At macro distances wide apertures are difficult to work with. Even with a steady tripod 2.8 may not be enough depth of field. I tried doing this to get an eyeball shot and discovered that there wasn't enough depth of field for anything to appear in sharp focus. Doing the focus and recompose, with the very shallow depth of field, will adjust your focus. ...

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