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Although designs vary on a lens by lens basis, lenses that allow you to endlessly move the focus ring use a design that allows the focus ring to slip when the end of travel of the lens' focus element is reached. This is most often seen in lenses that use a ring type focus motor that drives the focus element using very high frequency electrical pulses rather ...


Unfortunately Sony does not give external software access to the focusing. That´s why none of the available software solutions like Helicon Remote supports Sony Cameras. One option to get stacks that you can combine using a software like Helicon or Zerene Stacker would be a hardware solution for the focus shift. Instead of using external software to move ...


The best thing to do is to manually select the focus point closest to what you want to be the point of focus, and if necessary recompose only slightly from there. That's because turning the camera to recompose moves the plane of focus more than you might think — see this answer for a nice diagram. Typically, with portraits, focusing on the eyes is ...


What if I set my lens to Auto focus... Assuming you are focussing on stars bright enough for your autofocus to pick up. If not try to focus on the moon or some other bright object in the distance with autofocus. Since stars and star trails are very faint, to capture them properly throughout the frame you are fighting against two competing factors ...


Hummmm.... well this will be a little bit hard to explain, but if you'll read what I'll link and write then you'll understand it. You are a beginner, isn't it? :-) You want everything to be in focus like you get on a kit lens (18-135 etc). First you must understand the basic notions about Depth of Field (DoF) and Aperture. If you already know these ...


You can switch your AF to "One Shot" Mode. This will prevent continuous focussing. It will focus once you press the trigger halfway and then stay at that focal length until you release and press again.


If you have the luxury to focus with the center point and recompose, then this is your best solution. This is because the center point is the most sensible AF point and will nail the focus the best. Be sure tough to have enough DoF in order to catch the portrait in focus (unless of course if you want to achieve some special effects) and, also, focus ...


The Canon 18-135mm STM lens allows for Manual override when set to AF Mode. It will not harm the lens or the camera. It is a feature that is commonly used by Videographers but also by some photographers, A common example will be at a wedding. Here you focus on the bride, you hear the beep and see the red dot. Now with the shutter half pressed, you pan over ...


That is intentional. As described here: This new STM lens is an inch shorter and adds a zoom lock and instant manual-focus override to the older 18-135mm EF-S IS lens, however manual focus is electronic. The focus ring isn't connected to anything, and there is a tiny time delay between when you move the ring and the lens moving. The speed at which the ...


Have you considered Photoshop? I don't know how "super easy" you need it to be, but it's quite easy in Photoshop. Open Adobe Photoshop, go to File -> Automate -> Photomerge. After Photoshop automatically adds all of your photos on each of their own layers, you then select all layers, and go to Edit -> Auto Blend Layers -> Stack Images. A few ...


Try Calibrating the Diopter of Your Camera to see if that helps. Since having the Diopter not calibrated may make the lens look out of focus.


Without more details about what shooting modes and settings you have selected, your question doesn't give us very much to go on. The 70D is a highly configurable camera and with some combinations of settings selected the behavior you describe would be as expected. It is possible that via certain custom settings options the AF has been disabled with a half ...


I don't know the E-M10 exactly, but on the E-M5 you could use one of these approaches: Focus with the manual ring on the objective, assuming the 40-150 has one (in my memory it does). Switch the touch screen on the rear side to the point-and-shoot mode, then touch onto the moon on the display using your finger. Does this help? If not, what's the exact ...


I am sorry, I have just made a typical mistake. I had not tried to erase all configuration data in the camera before asking (with the option in the menu). I though I had tried changing every related option but it seems I left one of them. Just restoring the configuration to preset values has made it magicly work. In the end I still don't know why it ...


Does this camera support back-button autofocus? The reported behavior matches what my 6d does, sort of—I have it set to move AF from the shutter button to a button on the back, but green box overrides that setting and puts AF back on the shutter button.

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