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Yes, it's possible With the focus stack you could estimate a depth map of the scene. Then this map is used to selectively blur the image to emulate the effect of shallower depth of field. See for example: https://graphics.stanford.edu/papers/focalstack/ You could of course use other methods to generate the depth map, such as moving the camera (as the ...


If opening the aperture all the way (possibly using a very low ISO and/or an ND filter) still doesn't get you low enough depth of field, the chances are you need a faster lens (one with a wider aperture). Pushing or pulling the focus and stacking is unlikely to help more than a tiny bit as the sharpness falls off fastest close to the focus. Fake bokeh ...


Yes, although it is actually a bit different than what you described; it is most typically referred to as the Brenizer Method. See this question for much more info: What is "bokeh panorama" (also called the "Brenizer method")?

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