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Going on the assumption you are asking about using point focus vs area focus, there isn't a perfect answer and it depends entirely on what your skill with the focus system is, the capability of the focus system and what you are shooting. The strength of area auto focus is that it allows the camera to quickly find something to focus on without thinking ...


Combining and restating Toph's answer and Matt Grum's comment: learn when to best use the (many! different!) autofocus modes of your camera, and practice with them extensively. There are many combinations of AF modes and some of them will be absolutely horrible for certain situations, while others will be horrible for other situations. You've already ...


I have a few things I try when timing doesn't allow pre-selecting a focus point: Focus and recompose Using the center focus point I'll half-press the shutter and recompose to my desired composition. Use a smaller aperture You can use a depth of field calculator (such as this one) to ensure the subject you're photographing is in focus within the near and ...

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