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To keep the correct date, select the photos and drag to the finder. After that if you want smaller photos, you can use a separate app. M.C


I am a daily user of user in Flickr using my Lightroom 5.5 to upload to photostream in Flickr. When you are in Library mode with the grid view of your photostream it shows you any files you have modified that were previously published in your Flickr photostream. If you click the publish button lightroom asks you if you would like to replace the existing ...


I don't have an answer for you, but am wondering if you're sure you want to replace them? The downside of replacing them is that you'll lose all the views, comments, likes etc. that the photos have had in Flickr since you first published them - so it seems to me it's like starting anew, even if you would be replacing them rather than re-publishing them.

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