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Fix the OS-level color management settings, following these instructions.


EXIFTool is perfect for this - the below is one of the copying examples " exiftool -tagsfromfile %d%f.CR2 -r -ext JPG dir " This example will recursively rewrite all JPG images in dir with information copied from the corresponding CR2 images in the same directories. In your case it won't be a CR2 file as your source. Instead it will be a JPG file ...


If I read the iPhoto instructions correctly, you can select all photos, choose Export from the Archive menu, and make sure to tick the checkboxes for inclusion of metadata.


Here's the easy way to do this (using Safari) without all the jargon you folks are throwing out there. Go to the all images page. Once you've enabled your Develop drop down menu go to Show Web Inspector. On the left side of the developer window, look for the images drop down. Click that and look for the string with the long number. When you click that, the ...

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