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Your shutter speed must not be higher than 1/125s or it won't be able to see the flash light.


Are super cheap flashes worth it? In certain usage situations, absolutely. If you are a hobbyist and don't need rock-solid reliability or plan on super-hard usage If the cost-savings is worth entering a copy/component quality lottery If you don't mind being an early beta tester with new models If you don't mind Chinese reverse-engineering issues ...


There are settings inside the camera. where you can fire the AF assist beam, without firing the flash, so that it enables the camera to focus better in dark situations. AF ASSIST BEAM AND FLASH FIRING


"This resulted in an unexposed black bar at the bottom half of my image.". It is not "unexposed", the color is black. Note the rough edge, it is a Photo of a physical object that is out of focus (not the Sensor being 'broken' from that line down). The Shutter is likely the best answer, the same effect could be obtained by placing an object inside your ...


The issue is your shutter speed in combination with the fact that the YN-560 models are all manual-only flashes. See: Why is my camera limited to a shutter speed of 1/250th when the flash is up? Essentially, your camera controls your shutter speed by changing the size of the gap between the two shutter curtains. At your camera body's maximum sync speed, the ...


My camera has a between the lens leaf shutter which syncs at 1/2000th second whether being used manually or with ADI/TTL. I have really grown to love my Sony RX1r :)))


You need to use a flash meter. They usually measure incident or reflected flash and you can pick up a simple one for around $70.00 from B&H photo. Possibly eBay will be able to turn up a much cheaper deal. I suggest something like the Interfit Flash Meter which B&H sell. Many exposure meters include a flash meter facility and if measuring incident ...


First thing to double-check is the batteries. How are you testing the health of the batteries? And have you put them through enough cycles to know they're fully charged? (New is never a guarantee of good). Are you sure they're all in the right way? Is there enough tension on the door to hold them in? (Broken battery door tabs are the bane of the more ...


It's a Yongnuo. They work until they don't. Then you replace them. Kind of like a disposable razor.


I don't know why, but it appears that Pentax can only do HSS while in P-TTL mode. Canon and Nikon do allow HSS in manual mode.


I tried the method put forward by George, "Put the camera into multiple frame/burst mode", This will not work on my Canon 760D so my best suggestion would be to turn off live view before shooting, this is the simplest method to resolve this problem.

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