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Napioa - Wind Origins
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Michel Thoby's webpage has the following formula for the equal-area projection: r = 2 f sin(θ/2) where r is the distance from the centre in the projection plane of a point that is visible under angle θ. (image source) For 10 mm focal length this gives r = 2 * 10 mm * sin(π/2 / 2) = 14 mm for the radius of the 180-degree image circle. This roughly ...


The angle of view calculation requires trigonometry: This is the formula I use in Excel. =((ATAN((d/2/f)))x180/9.8596 d=the dimension of the frame 35mm full frame 24mm height by 36mm length diagonal 42.36mm f=focal length x=multiply 10mm = 100⁰ height – 121⁰ length 127⁰ diagonal 12mm = 90⁰ height – 113⁰ length 120⁰ diagonal 14mm = 81⁰ height – 104⁰ ...


Disclaimer: I have not used PhotoScan before, I have no experience with the software According to this thread at AgiSoft's forums, you just have to tell PhotoScan what camera/lens you are using, under Tools > Camera Calibration. The rest of the discussion thread has some links to people's results of mapping GoPro images to buildings and sculptures, so it ...

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