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As with any lens on a dSLR, the viewfinder and liveview will show you any lens effects. The lightpath into the camera travels through the lens first before it is reflected by the mirror up into the viewfinder, or (in liveview as the mirror is locked up) before it hits the sensor to be turned into image signals that are sent to the LCD. So however the lens ...


On an SLR, since the image is transmitted by the attached lens regardless of whether you use the optical viewfinder or live view, both live view and the optical viewfinder will show what the sensor sees, including the effect of any filters or modifiers attached to the lens. Indeed, live view is a feed directly from the sensor. Not all viewfinders offer 100% ...


The fisheye "effect" is dependent only on the angle between the camera and subject, it is thus totally independent of distance. What you might be noticing is that a fisheye lens bends all straight lines unless they pass through the exact centre of the image. In some natural scenes the horizon will be the only straight line in the image, thus if you happen ...


I doubt there's a hardware solution to this, and if there were one, it's likely to cause a decrease in image quality. Software is your solution, here. From the DJI website for the Phantom 2 Vision minidrone: A lens profile released by Adobe for DJI Phantom 2 Vision's camera can be used to remove lens distortion DJI keeps it here: ...

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