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Unfortunately there is not much point to applying a fisheye effect digitally unless you happen to like the specific effect that a digital fisheye filter has. For example, it can sort of simulate the effect of looking through a glass ball. Actual fisheye lenses exist because they can get a very wide angle of view, and don't need to worry about keeping ...


I found this simple command with just rewrite all your gopro pics: mogrify -distort barrel "0 0 -0.3" *.JPG More information about imagemagick command can be found on The method Barrel has the following arguments: A B C [ D [ X , Y ] ] An explanation how to set this four ...


The ultrawide is what you want, not the fisheye. The fisheye will always render things with distortion and curves. I shoot both an ultrawide and a fisheye--they each have their place. But for architectural stuff where it's more typical to want straight lines rendered as straight lines, you really want a rectilinear lens. I use a fisheye for interior shots, ...

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