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A fisheye lens can also be used for skate videos. Watch pretty much any skate video on YouTube and they will use a fisheye lens some point in the video.


I'm not aware of any third parties making Q-mount lenses. Speculating not very wildly, the relatively tiny market for the Q, the significantly different sensor size and the need for the in-lens leaf shutter for Q mount lenses all make it not an attractive platform for third parties, so I wouldn't expect this to change any time soon.


From your question, it sounds like you have a Sony camera, and that camera does not have a removable lens. If that's the case, you cannot use a Nikon fisheye lens with your camera. A fisheye lens from Nikon is designed to be the only lens on the camera!! It's not an add-on accessory that you can just slip on to the end of an existing lens, or anything like ...


To mount a lens on a camera, the lens and camera must have a matching mount. Otherwise it will not connect without something called a lens-mount adapter. Not all mount adapters exist because of something called the flange distance which is basically how far a lens is designed to be from the camera sensor. Brands like Nikon and Sony make lenses for their own ...

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