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If you want Hugin to auto-recognize and correct for the lens, then probably the right tag to use is Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fish-Eye CS, because this is the entry in the lensfun database, which is now integrated into Hugin use. In the slr-samyang.xml file the entry is: <lensdatabase version="1"> <lens> <maker>Samyang</maker> ...


I want to add the correct EXIF lens metadata... A lens not designed to communicate with the camera won't have EXIF data which would be deemed "correct" because the manufacturer didn't assign anything. If there's a community of Rokinon users, you might ask around to see if there's a string people are using for your lens so any profiles you get from ...


According this document there is no Exif.Canon.LensModel number, assigned to the Rokinon 8mm. So my opinion is you can't add value, which will be understandable for LR or Aperture P.S. LensInfo tag is for DNG format and I am not sure will work with CR2

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