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Baryta is a naturally occurring mineral technically known as barium sulfate. This snow white clay is used as a white pigment ingredient for paint. It is used as a brighter for art papers. Photo papers are coated with baryta to get increased whiteness and a higher reflectivity. We view photo prints by reflected light from a nearby light source. Light plays ...


You can get certificates for limited edition prints. As others have said, you make the rules, but don't dilute your brand. The games company 'Games Workshop' are mocked for doing a 'Limited Edition' production run of their very popular 'Space Hulk' game and then a couple of years later, doing another. I think they are on their 3rd or 4th now...


Limited runs are typically different in some way. The first limited run might be printed on aluminum while the second is on canvas, for example. If you were to do a second limited run on aluminum then you should also look to differentiate it some other way -- minimally, noting the date, but after you're dead and these are faked because of their great value I ...


I wouldn't say that there are any rules for it. You are the photographer, you make the rules and you decide to how many prints you want to limit yourself. Some points to think about: Make clear that there are two options, one aluminium and one paper, this way people won't be upset if they shell out for the alu option without knowing that there is a ...

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