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One possible reason is that the internal parts that allow the lens to auto focus were out of alignment or otherwise not working properly. This could give an inaccurate focus. I encountered this problem with a 18-55 kit lens a few years ago. The front end of the lens would get knocked one way or another while transporting it loose in my backpack. When I ...


If you have Photoshop CC, you can essentially use ACR with any image, by choosing Filter Menu > Camera Raw Filter.


I ended up converting the RGB values of my source digital image to Spectrum Power Distributions (SPD) using the algorithm Brian Smits describes in this paper: An RGB to Spectrum Conversion for Reflectances. Once I have a SPD for a given color, I apply the transmission curve to it and obtain a new SPD. Finally, I convert back that SPD to an RGB values, ...


I've been a mostly 35mm SLR (now a no-film-but-still-35mm-style DSLR) photographer for about 45 years. Every photography book I read, or course I took; as well as my photo editor at the newspaper at which I would later work, and all my fellow photographers there and at the AP all recommended either a UV or Skylight filter to protect the lens. Back then I was ...


There can be issues with autofocusing, though it is my experience that more expensive cameras and lenses negate this so using a cheap UV filter with something like a Nikon D600 is not really an issue per say. Others may have different experiences. In generally I would avoid using them in situations such as lowlight and reserve them for outdoor shooting in ...


As long as you take if off between shots, you will be OK :) Cheap UV filters are worse than expensive ones but both destroy image-quality. Only keep them on the lens when you absolutely must like when around splashing salt-water or a sand-storm. Otherwise you will have flare and unwanted ghostly reflections. For the case when you need the protection, it is ...


Cheap is not necessarily cheap - you can get a cheap filter that is good, but if you get one that is bad, the following are side effects that have been reported/observed by other users: focussing problems with cheap UV filters loss of sharpness in the image flares/weird reflections Add to that, a front lens element is a lot stronger than most people ...

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