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When using square slide in filters such as the Lee or Cokin system, you need to purchase a holder that is large enough to accommodate your largest lens. The Cokin "P" series, for example, can fit lenses with up to 82mm threads. You would then need a Cokin "P" adapter ring for lenses with 77mm threads and one for lenses with 67mm threads. (Note that the ...


You are asking two separate questions if I am reading into this right. The first is about how you can use both square ND Grad filters as well as round ND Filters. I came up with a solution that worked well for me. I utilized the Cokin P system which is a great deal less expensive then other options, and attached it to full frame lenses and bodies. See this ...


The answer is a little complex. I'm hotlinking an image from this site: https://filterforge.com/features/version4/groups-and-instancing.html That is a good program to make your own filters. The idea is that you have a basic set of basic "nodes". For example one can be a blur, another one that modifies the saturation and another one that controls ...


For my new Sony a6000 camera, I haven't seen any gain off of using a cheap UV filter. However, when I rent lens, they often come with a UV filter on them. They seem to make the image blurrier (I had Bower ones.). More expensive ones seem to have a less blur.


See my general setup on www.fechnerimaging.smugmug.com It uses two SB700 flashes into a light box with diffusion screen. I filter the orange cast of the color negatives so that the red channel on the D810 is not compressed using 3 sets of gels. Cinegel #3202: Full Blue (CTB) Cinegel #3204: Half Blue (1/2 CTB) Cinegel #4415: 15 Green You can buy the blues on ...

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