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Assuming your 18-200 lens has a 77mm filter ring, then you don't need anything else to make it fit. :) If you just wanted confirmation that you are suggesting a good filter: yes, it is.


The Bayer filter passbands are designed to be make the sensor have a reasonable match to the human eye, while not costing too much. They're fairly leaky even in the visible part of their stop band, and pretty much uncontrolled in the IR. To increase their blocking in the IR a more expensive recipe in a thicker layer would be needed. The thicker layer isn't ...


You might consider a color temperature light meter. If you are a professional shooting images in industrial environments, inside and outside, then knowing the correct temperature is critical. Oh, many homes now use CFL type of lights, incandescent lights are becoming more difficult to purchase, those too project fluorescent light. Many modern digital camera ...


I'm confused about "torches". I think you are not refering to a wooden stick with a cloth full of tar on it. For a lamp, the trick would be fool your camera white balance. 1) Choose a filter or gel of a simmilar color of the ambient light you want to reduce and put it on the front of the torches. In this case yellow. You can try several layers of this gel. ...


Certain safety glasses are made to filter out arc sodium light. You also get safety glasses that filter out blue light so you can see more detail while woring under arc sodium light(but this will leave your images looking green). Try the UVEX SCT blue or the UVEX SCT Cobalt blue. Safety glasses are relatively cheap so you can cut them up and try it. If it ...

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