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Years ago, the photo community set the f/stop increment as a doubling or halving of the exposing light energy. In other words, one f/stop = 2X and two f/stops = 4X etc. We mount filters to gain an enhancement. The filter always blocks some percentage of the exposing light, and somehow we must set the camera to compensate for this light loss. To aid in this ...


As with any variable neutral density filter the numbers are only approximate. There are, in fact, 10 common ND ratings between ND2 and ND400: ND2 (1-stop), ND4 (2-stops), ND8 (3-stops), ND16 (4-stops), ND32 (5-stops), ND64 (6-stops), ND100 (6 2/3-stops), ND128 (7-stops), ND256 (8-stops), and ND400 (8 2/3-stops). But I wouldn't put any money on any of the ...


First, I advise, never mount an optical filter unless the good outweighs the bad. All digital cameras have a UV filter incorporated in cover glass that protects the image sensor. All modern color films have a UV absorbing layer atop. That being said, the UV filter is the most popular, its primary good is to protect the camera lens from scratches and ...


I wanted to know whether I can use lens filters like a UV protector Yes. A $20 adapter is available that lets you attach 67mm filters to this camera. or the one that blurs the background? You can blur the background without a filter. Your camera has a max aperture of f/3.4 at the wide end, and that should be wide enough to get some bokeh especially ...


When it comes to filters you can get cheap filters. You can get good filters. But you can't get cheap good filters. There are filters available for 67mm threads that claim to be 6 stop (ND64) filters available for $30 or less. They tend to be of poor optical quality, don't really have the density they claim (most of the cheapest ones are more like 4 stops, ...


Well if you buy one from a retail store, you can try it on, take a few sample shots with and without it and see its quality yourself ( it is easier and better to try it before buying and you can see if it suits your tastes )

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