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Re-winding film has always been a tricky, risk-prone operation. I know of people who would faint at the mere thought of re-winding a 35mm spool for fear that the film might get damaged or scratched in the process. After all, with 35mm rolls, you put your entire trust into two bits of felt shielding the film emulsion from the hard-plastic container, and from ...


Portra is a low-contrast, low-saturation film made primarily for wedding and portrait photographers (it's the successor to Vericolor III Professional). It's designed to capture the details in both the white wedding dress and the black tuxedo at the same time, while rendering pleasing, blemish-minimized skin tones. There's nothing special about its grain ...


According to Kodak, Supra was discontinued over 10 years ago : So if your store is still carrying Supra, check the expiration dates on the boxes. For Kodak, you now have the choice of Portra 160, 400, or 800 or Ektar 100. For Fuji, it looks likes the only choice you have is ...


Perspective correction is possible in a film/enlarger/paper process, by setting up the paper in a non-parallel relationship to the film. The paper is typically held by an easel which holds it flat. Propping up the easel on one side brings the paper closer to the enlarger head on that side, which in turn increases both magnification and exposure on that ...


I've had a waist level viewfinder attachment for a Nikon, and I've also used medium format gear (like the Yashica) that used them, and I found that I didn't like them on 35mm that much. The 35mm viewing screen feels much smaller than square medium format, making it difficult to use without flipping up the magnifier and holding it up to your eye (which ...


I've used these guys and was very pleased with the service: (They are also recommended here by ken rockwell)

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