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This FAQ on PETA's website suggests that there is no vegan friendly film, and they themselves use digital cameras to minimize their use of animal products (though they do make an exception from this policy in using photographs from others). Does film contain gelatin? Unfortunately, we do not know of any film that is made without gelatin. Over the ...


Do all brands of photographic film utilize gelatin in their composition? Most likely Yes; but they're not saying (and may or may not tell you if you asked them) so there's no way to confirm an answer. How about Polaroid? Probably. I can't see them re-engineering their process given their financial state. Any vegan-friendly brands that do not ...


The only color infra-red film is that of the classic Kodak Ektachrome EIR slide film. The tech sheet for it can still (at this time) be found at Kodak. The following images are from that tech sheet. Kodak discontinued EIR in 2007. This is a rather odd film as one can see in the spectral sensitivity curve: Things that are bright in the infra-red are ...


I wouldn't like to sound like capitain obvious, but first of all you have to open your mind to the possibility that 90% of the picture you saw by clicking on that link are post-processed. There is this method called Cross-Processing, which alters the color of your picture and that is nowadays very popular amongst photographers. The pictures you are showing ...


Film often fogs for two reasons; age or uncontrolled light exposure. With age, the film exhibits similar characteristics as with the first image. The fogging effect is evenly distributed throughout the length of the film. With uncontrolled light exposure (a light leak) you'll get similar effect, albeit more blotchy and often only around the edges of the ...


I can say that the SII does not have a lifesize finder as I have one. Also, I looked up the Konica S manual, and it states that thew viewfinder has 0.65 magnification. I believe this leaves the III series as the only series with a 1:1 finder.


A 35mm film has an image size (exposure area) of 24*36 mm. Generally, you have a 2 mm gap between two consecutive image and about 5 mm on each side for the perforation. As the fixer will react on all the film, all the surface has to been accounted for. The holes should be taken into account too but you probably won't see a difference if you don't. So for ...


New F1 and F1n get mixed up a lot, so I'm going to assume that you have the one with the hybrid shutter and the hotshoe on top of the prism. Have you tried changing the shutter speed? That camera has a hybrid shutter and some of the speeds are mechanical and some are electrical. IIRC faster is mechanical. Dodgy connection sounds right to me but I'm ...


I've shot Fuji 800 pushed two stops and it was fine by me. You lose a little contrast but if you're scanning you can fix that up in post.


Nothing beats a local shop when it comes to speed. I can have my film developed in 1 hour if I want/need to in my local shop. And they know their business, not doing some nonsense with my film. I only send a b&w film to one of the big services and it was a disaster with a greenish color cast and quite expensive. Assuming the location in your profile is ...


Silverfast has this functionality built in, and has a huge range of negative stocks to choose from to get a perfect conversion back to a positive image.


The overlap in ASA/ISO is because that's definitely not the main distinguishing factor. The most obvious differences are in the color/tone curves and grain characteristics. There are two color choices in Kodak's "professional" line: Portra is, as the name kind of implies, intended for portraits. It features subtle colors and is not very saturated. ...

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