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If you want a copy, from a copy, from a copy... No you do not want that. In every step you lose information. From film to print you lose focus, you lose tones, you manipulate the contrast, you gain additional noise from the paper. From a flatbed scanner from the paper you lose even more information. If you have access to a drum scanner and the job is ...


I had the same request and I bought a Reflecta DigitDia 6000 (5000 dpi, due to the optics effective only 3900 dpi). You can find DigitDia 5000 (3600 dpi, effective 3200 dpi that is still more than enough) for less than 600 dollars used. Speed is good and quality too. You usually get the calibration slide and colors are fine (unless the film has ...


A possible algorithm for better isolate the dust and scratches is explained in (Comprehensive Solutions for Removal of Dust and Scratches from Images) and in (Manual Dirt/Scratch Removal Using Infrared Channel). The idea is to ...

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