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Why not just load your photos (which I do daily) onto your computer and when you "select all" you can rename your photos in a zip. It doesn't take but a few tries to get that right. If you see a set of photos you want to put in its own group for a certain day, then "highlite" just those photos by pressing control then enter then rename to your discretion ...


If you're ok with Dropbox, Using the automatic import function will rename all of your files to the datetime taken. My process is: 1) Plug SD card into computer (in my case it's an iMac) 2) Let dropbox do the automatic import 3) Have hazel automatically file into my Pictures folder with the structure Year/Month/Day Taken 4) In Lightroom, I use the ...


There's no way to assign a date-based filename on-camera. However, there are quite a few pieces of software that will help do just this when ingesting photos from the memory card to your computer, giving you the ability to define your preferred file name, folder structure, and assorted metadata, too, such as Adobe Lightroom and Camera Bits Photo Mechanic.


Nikon assigns sequential filenames to the pictures, but it does record the date, which will show up in the date column on your PC. I usually have a separate folder on the PC for each day I shoot. So, as long as you have correctly set the date and time on your camera, you should be good.

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