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Deleting the XMP file does not cause the Raw file to "revert" to original state. Because Raw files are NEVER edited. The VIEW will revert, but the Raw file data was never changed. Instead, the LIST of edit changes are saved in the XMP file, and at any access of the Raw file, those edits are applied to the output we see. Subsequent edits only edit the LIST ...


Many image processing programs do what's called nondestructive editing, where the original file is treated as you would a film negative and left untouched. Realistically, there's not a whole lot of reason to store the finished image in raw format because it's not a format that's often consumed by anything looking for a finished product. In some cases you ...


Editing in RAW (using software which creates sidecar (XMP) files) modifies the XMP file. If you then open in Photoshop, those edits are only stored in the PSD file. The original RAW edits are still untouched in the XMP file. Think of it as the RAW file itself not being changed at all, but your raw edits being saved in the XMP file, and applied by the ...


Since you asked why: the reason for this is that the files on the camera are stored using a very simple filesystem using 8.3 file names, which by default are upper-case (originally these filesystems didn't distinguish between upper and lower case in filenames). There's an option in Linux (shortname=lower) that can be used when mounting the USB storage which ...


Renaming file do not change the content of the file. So you should not be afraid of this. Renaming of the file is operation, related to the metainformation of your picture, stored in the filesystem and it is not related to the content of the file itself

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