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If you still have access to the old driver for the camera, it is possible to get the setup file to run in compatibility mode and select the older version of windows and install the driver to try and get the camera working. I had the same issue when I went from windows vista to win 7 then to win 8 and finally win 10 where my canon Selphy cp780 4x6 printer ...


I have no idea why someone would recommend this. I suspect it is just superstition. There generally isn't anything important or useful to you outside of the DCIM folder, and you certainly don't get any benefit in copying that folder vs. copying its contents — your computer does the exact same thing either way. Canon's MISC folder is explained at What is ...


The misc folder is for storing in camera data for everything other than the image data itself. IE, thumb nail metadata, temporary data and if you are printing directly from the camera, it stores the DPOF data( digital print order format). I personally don't need to copy this info, so I import just the images in Lightroom.


Each camera/sensor has a specific version of the raw file format used by the camera maker. (.nef for Nikon, .cr2 for Canon, etc.). In order for an application such as Photoshop Elements to be able to open raw files from a newer camera, the application needs to be updated with the instructions for how to handle raw files from the newer cameras. The version ...

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