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I have been scouring the 'net for info on connecting to my brand new fuji x-t10 from Linux, but have come up completely empty-handed. I tried sniffing the connection (I installed a packet sniffer on my phone), and what I've come up with so far is that a tcp connection is made from the phone to (which is the camera) on port 55740. It appears to ...


At the basic level: Transferring a file over the internet will not, in itself, cause it to lose quality, and The point of the ROES software is to make it simple to transfer files correctly. While it is possible for such software to send only a downsized sample of the image, this would largely defeat the purpose. Whatever the problem you had with image ...


If you have experience of sending files for print in the past and receiving prints that are "muddy" and don't match your expectations, the culprit here is "colour management", not the file format. The bits and bytes you upload to the internet are going to be the same ones that arrive at the print shop; the problem is whether they are "interpreted" correctly. ...

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