Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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I had been using the default 350 dpi, but the resulting files are too small to sell to most stock photography sites online. The ppi settings has nothing to do with the real photo size. You can have 72 ppi or 300. If you have enough Megapixels you are fine. Note that the unit is ppi, pixels per inch, not dpi (dots per inch). dpi is a printer resolution ...


Ah, well you answered yourself, but changed your requirements. "No loss of quality" and "no loss of quality to the naked eye" are vastly different with images. Also, PNGcrush and opt-jpg work completely differently; only noting this because you mentioned PNGcrush in your OP. PNGcrush only optimizes metadata about the image, not the image itself. This is ...

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