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I have created privately shared folders in Dropbox, which works very well. If your customer also has a Dropbox account, the folder shows on his account view as well. You can also use a temporary file share service like Dropsend, which I use frequently when an image is larger than the Gmail limit. Both of these services have free as well as paid options. If ...


All changes are saved in xml "sidecar" file. Raw file is never touched.* So you send him both files and then you can exchange only the small xml file that holds all changes. [*] Unless you use DNG format and you set "do not use sidecar file, modify DNG file instead" option.


You can export to a DNG file which is not a CR2 file, but is a digital negative (RAW file). It isn't the original Canon format, but should contain most of the same information, if not all of it (it also has an option to embed the original). I believe that the DNG will have the Lightroom alterations applied to it. You can export it using Export and ...


One of the simplest solutions would be to install the Gallery on the Synology server. It is a web based gallery software. It is listed on Synology list of Gallery software and it a rather proven solution. Since it is listed on the Synology list, it is actually tested by the Synology team. There are more Gallery software listed there, but I have no personal ...


If you have the ability to run a webserver with php on Linux, then Gallery is one of the best options for web gallery. You can also use Lightroom to build HTML galleries. For both images and video, using a DLNA server is a great option, as you can then use PS3, BluRay, Boxee or other similar viewer to see images and movies. I have a WD Live drive that has ...


All those new fangled kids and their fancy "solutions"... What's wrong with a simple FTP server? Provide the customer with an account, which has security set so they have read-only access to a specific directory containing their data. Quick to set up, easy to use, and can be rapidly automated by both you and the customer for accessing the system.


How many other similar services can you name? they're really few. So, no, I don't think that flickr is dying, considering that they're relatively unique in this business. truth is there are not many online services like flickr. If you don't want to pay for it, flickr is still the best available service IMO, it lets your visitors to interact with you and ...


Definitely have a look at The OpenPhoto Project. You can think of it as a modern version of Gallery. A sample site is at and you can find more information at I'm the lead developer so you can ping me any questions at I'm positive that it'll meet the requirements you're looking ...


another option to look at is the open photo project running a private server with it might solve many of your needs. The hosted version at, but if you want to run your own server, the code is there for you.


You could use services such as YouSendIt (free options with limited size). Personally, I really like the Egnyte File Server service. I've been using it at work for almost a year now and it's very good. You can choose to just email your large files to your clients from Egnyte or you can set them up as users on your server (very easy) and have them download ...

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