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Napioa - Wind Origins
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Interestingly, I also found the same blog when starting out with Lightroom. There are many ways to get images organized and I found have a file-system structure is very helpful. First is that the filesystem structure is accessible without Lightroom to every other program. You can use it to quickly located images without having to load Lightroom and wait for ...


Just think of the future when Lightroom may not exist anymore : your collections would be useless. Whereas your folders will still exist. And you may need them to import your collections in the next trendy software. Moreover, if you want to upload your pictures, you will use the regular files manager and it will be more efficient to have properly named ...


I hope it could be helpful for you: Create manual collection "__bookmarks" Put in this collection just a single representative photo of every few folders you work on actually. Everytime you need to move to the folder of your choice: a) go to "__bookmarks" b) right click a photo of your interest c) choose "Go to folder in library" Additionally you can ...


It sounds like you need to explore using the various flagging, keywording, and filtering options more. Based on comments, I would suggest you find a way to identify "favorite" -- whether marked with five stars, a pick, a color, a "favorite" keyword, etc. Then, also tag your photos with the "fun" and "work" keyword. Now, you can simply filter by both ...

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