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Why not change how you create and name the folders? Since your output doesn't use the dates from the folders, either eliminate the dates in the folders, or have a date folder be a parent folder. This way when you export it will only pick up the article name. I assume you want the image date in the folder for your personal preference, but it is impacting ...


Keep your current date-based organizational scheme for files Add XMP metadata to the files, including keywords, titles, and descriptions Use a database to collect this centrally, and allow search and presentation based on the metadata This has all of the organizational advantages you cite, with few disadvantages. XMP is XML-based, so not quite ...


First, understand that Lightroom does not store images in its catalog, but instead simply records a location pointer. So organizing within Lightroom is very powerful, if you take advantage of the power. But you have to let go of thinking about organization equalling folders on a hard drive. To answer your question: No Lightroom does not allow you to ...

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