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DP, First and foremost, use your SHUTTER_COUNT in your filename. My D800E uses 4 digit numbers which I can roll over in not much more than a day. They SCount should never roll over in the useful life of the camera as it should go into the millions whereas the shutter is usually rated at 1/4 million or less. This way, you won't have DAP_9999 and DAP_0001 in ...


Adobe Lightroom can create stacks of images based on their capture time(which is a variable you can modify). So I use that. More information on the topic: Adobe Help - Automatically Stack Images


One common way to do this is before and after a bracketing sequence, take a quick shot of your hand. That stands out and you know that all the shots between the two "hand" shots are the bracketing sequence. You can use the ground, sky, anything that easily stands out in a thumbnail Another thing that helps is to change what is often the default sequence ...

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