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Based on Tfuto's answer, I was able to generate a CSV file with the datecreated for my 17000 images: exiftool . -ext .jpg -r -csv -T -CreateDate -G -d %Y-%m-%d > test.csv This took 22 mins to run. I measured it using the powershell measure-command {cmd above} Then I used excel to analyze the file to come up something like the following: DayMonth ...


You should decouple three programming concerns. (I use Linux commands, but they work with Cygwin and MinGW, too). Finding and listing files. This can be done with find -iname "..." through folders. Extracting EXIF data. This can be done with exiftool. 1+2 can be easily coupled with xargs. E.g. this command lists all tags related to "Date" (it is one ...


Picasa from Google, a free program, organizes all of your photos by date. Once it finishes finding all of your photos you will be able to go to the particular date you want and find all photos taken on that date.

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