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Not to sound schoolmasterish, but, if you don't want this frustration to be repeated, then you need to be diligent about digital asset management. Keep originals, and keep edited photos worth keeping. If you use some kind of image management application for cataloguing digital images, pay attention to where it is saving files, and if it is saving copies when ...


If the images actually are duplicates then the additional data is most likely to be metadata which has been added at some point. In other words the files have been modified, although the picture itself has not been touched. Most likely an automated function in your photo viewing/management software has done it. For example facial recognition which is ...


The easiest way I can see around this would be a smart collection with your filters then copy it's contents to a new collection and sync the new collection although I realize that this is extra work you would probably like to avoid I don't belive there is any way around it it the current time.


The only way I can get that effect is by having the Module Picker strip (the strip at the top that lets you pick Library - Develop - Map, etc.) set to disappear automatically, as the Lightroom Mobile selector is within that. It should work properly if your cursor stays within that area, but if it moves out, the entire module picker strip will disappear to ...


There are many very good answers about HOW to use Lightroom to do what your question asks. I thought I would provide an answer as to WHY you would want to use Lightroom to do this: Lightroom can automate creation of folders, and provide more power and flexibility in managing those images than can be achieved with folder names alone. Lightroom is defined by ...


Broad answer is to use Metadata Working Group guidelines (PDF). Specifically, yes, the metadata should include the new image size, as well as the Modification Date/Time.

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