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From my experience you can only upload photos to Facebook. Once they're there you can't manage them from lightroom. You have to login and managed them on Facebook.


Lightroom can certainly do this. The easiest way (that I can think of) is to make a new catalogue (this keeps the catalogue fresh and clean and avoids the need for hours (depending on number of photos) of Lightroom removing photos from the catalogue) and copy all photos across to your new drive, using the import function. This method moves all photos across ...


I think I've managed to solve this down to any of the following solutions: Do it manually and half-assedly by moving photos into new folders. Doing it month-by-month won't take that long even with loads of photos, because there are only so many months in a year. Shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes, plus however long it takes to actually move the ...


There is no simple "consolidate library" option, nor any plugin I'm aware of that will manage this for you. As you no doubt know, Lightroom doesn't care where you store your files or what sort of directory hierarchy you might use (if any). In other words, moving these files is for your own satisfaction only. 30k files in one folder could be a performance ...


I can think of two solutions to your problem: Remove all photographs from the catalogue (or deselect "don't include suspected duplicates" option in Import) and use the Move function in Import to re-add them and sort them by date etc. Advantages: Only uses Lightroom and so no need to have another program Only need to know one user interface ...


From within Lightroom, use the Import Photos and Video… command from the File menu. Select the folder containing your images in the left hand column, and use the Move option at the top of the screen. In the right hand column, in the Destination panel, select by date from the organise drop-down menu, and select the date format you want to use in the menu ...


A couple of software tools can provide this - PFrank and Bulk Rename Utility are two that I use. They can read the EXIF data and create sub-folders based on the data exactly as you requested. Like anything, read the instructions and practice on some image copies.


I see "itunes" and think Mac, so this might not help you, but anyway. It is AT LEAST available for Linux and Windows, I have no idea about Macs. There is a Linux'y command line tool named "ExifTool" (google it!) - it can read out EXIF data from many files (many formats), and it also has the capability to rename and move about files - setting the filename ...

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