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I'm not convinced a different file format is the best option. That is, if camera manufacturers could include a file format option that retained raw benefits at smaller file sizes, this would be an easy no-brainer: just switch to that format. However, the effort of doing this is on the user. Assuming there is a good file format choice then there's work in ...


Realistically this is a solved problem and manufacturers have been doing it in similar ways for some time. Raw files from Canon and Nikon (and probably others too) use a JPEG-Wide variant that is similar to normal JPEG but capable of 16bpc. As it is essentially working on a monochrome image it only has to deal with 1 channel per pixel (and the conversion ...


The best modern answer to this question would be the DNG file format. Keep in mind that there are two major types of compression. Lossy - information is deliberately lost. This will always limit editing to one degree or another. Lossless - information is kept perfectly. This will be equivalent to the original raw file. But the file is smaller than the ...

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