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To create an HDR Image (in any HDR software) you'll need to upload several photos taken at different exposure values. These shots are called brackets. Then the software will create a single (bracketed) HDR image. Aurora HDR Pro can work properly only with the brackets with different exposures that have been modified with the camera, not with other software. ...


The phone's HDR mode will be doing what you want Aurora to do: taking three separate exposures and blending them into one. That is why you only see a single file. You need to use an app like Camera FV-5 to give you manual control, which will allow you to create 3 differently exposed images quite easily.


Two possibilities that I can think of. If you are shooting RAW, then you may need to download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 7 which will allow Windows to create thumbnail images as previews You may simply need to change a folder view setting: Open Windows Explorer Click on Organize >Folder and Search options On the "View" tab, uncheck the "...


I would recommend getting Adobe Lightroom or a similar program, Your dSLR came with a similar application, ViewNX2 for Nikon cameras. Lr is a great program with many catalog features in addition to the Develop module. Lr will also allow you to shoot tethered. BTW: You should ONLY be shooting RAW or "RAW + jpg".


I take it you're not familiar with computers in the least. So let's back up a bit. Each image is one file; presumably what you're looking at is a list of files in a "folder" that you copied to your computer's drive. First thing: that's a default symbol for the app that your OS expects to be able to use to open each file. Right-click and select "Open With....

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