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Part of the problem here is that Canon is not consistent, and does not follow normal conventions, in their file name suffixes. The original Canon RAW file was .CRW (Canon Raw). This was changed to .CR2 (Canon Raw Version 2). Then the trouble starts. The CR2 format has been changed. You'd expect therefore to see a new suffix each time the file format ...


In the iOS 10.0 release notes, there are two mentions of RAW images: The new AVCapturePhotoOutput class provides a unified pipeline for all photography workflows, enabling more sophisticated control and monitoring of the entire capture process and including support for new features such as Live Photos and RAW format capture. You should transition to ...


No, you can't get the original fisheye images back out with stills, only the stitched equirectangular projection. And yes, this makes no sense, given that you can get the fisheye images back out of the video. And given that stitching probably means any overlap was discarded, it's unlikely you could remap the equirectangular back to the original two images. ...


No, you can't get the unstitched images. You get either a single 5376 x 2688 image (high resolution), or a single 2048 x 1024 (low resolution) JPEG image; both sizes have a spherical projection with a 360° horizontal field of view. Edit: the projection is equirectangular (see @Inkista's answer). From the Ricoh Theta S specs, Image file format: Still ...

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