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I'm looking for a lens for fashion street photography which covers all the body in the pic. Whether or not you'll get as much coverage as you want depends entirely on your working distance and framing choices. Nobody can absolutely tell you what focal length to use, because everybody tends to frame differently and to have varying degrees of comfort in ...


The 35 mm will include more background. Decide if you prefer more context in the image or more isolation. There will be a bit more distortion with the wider lens. It will be more apparent in head shots than full body shots though. Otherwise, 35mm and 50mm are close and it is a matter of personal style and preference. Also, when you buy a lens, think about ...


Do you recommend the Nikon 50mm 1.8d or Nikon 35mm f / 1.8G for my D3300 camera body? Get the 35mm. Assuming "fashion street photography" means that you're relatively close to your subject, the wider lens will do a better job covering a person-sized subject. The 50mm would work too, but you'll need to stand farther away. Using this dimensional field of ...

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