Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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My guess is that the ring light you saw on that TV show was just being used as a prop and the actor "photographer" had no idea what a ring light is used for. Yes, it is reasonable to use a ring flash or ring light for non-Macro photography. It is a realistic thing to see from a Pro but only in some situations. Many Pro's use ring lights for fashion ...


That's the reason: to shoot a fashon runway performance. This is event photography. This is not a studio. You have models running around, an audience that watches them, etc. One rule of thumb in event photography is: The photographer doing his/her job is not really part of the show. You should not get in the way of what's happening. For normal ...


As much as I want to mention the Jarvie window technique, I have to concede that basically it is macro shooting; fisheye lens, very close distance to subject (a foot or less from the lens). It's just a distorted or effect portrait, but it has lots of the normal macro characteristics. Other than the Jarvie window technique, I've seen several professional ...


One reason off-axis flash is useful is that it can defeat "red eye", because red eye is light being reflected back from the eye into the lens. Put crudely, in general, the further away from the lens axis the flash is, the better. One reason not to use a ring flash is because the light is now coming from all around and close to the axis of the lens, and ...

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