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If you don't care for dilated pupil, that might make people look more friendly, you can always expose both eyes to strong light, since the pupils take longer to relax than to contract, when one eye is shaded the pupil will still have almost the same size.


As you mentioned, flash works well, using low-power modeling lights to get the desired lighting ratio. The most "desirable" images of people and animals have dilated pupils, which we see as attractive. Contracted pupils indicate anger. High-speed flash is faster than the contraction reflex. You can experiment with flash sync if there is much ambient ...


Post production maybe? If there is a annoying difference and you spot it after taking the photo, you can Photoshop it. If you want to make it in studio, maybe triggering the in-camera flash just before taking the picture will make both eyes to get about the same amount of light and the pupils should shrink to a similar size.

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