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Yes; I have an EyeFi card and my battery doesn't even stand 50% of its performance. Fortunately I can turn EyeFi-wireless-mode off in my Nikon's D3200 menu. It's described in the user manual here:


The cards are considerably more complicated electronically. Additional power would be needed to drive the ARM processor vs. a typical SD controller. Once you add in Wi-Fi radio and the encryption requirements that come with it you should expect an impact on battery life (though most cards now shut down Wi-Fi when it is not transmitting which helps.) The ...


You can get the same result by doing the reverse using a Toshiba FlashAir card because a FlashAir card is a WiFi hotspot. So you can connect the laptop or other network-enabled device such as a phone or tablet to the Flashair. Sorry to hijack the brand you are looking for but I think it will serve your purpose.


There seems to be some evolution on that point. Eye-Fi seems to be willing to offer CF support, by certifying CF adapters for their SD Eye-fi, starting March 2015. More infos on their website: You will find a how-to guide and a list of compatible cameras. And also some words on possible drawbacks, like slower transfer times.


Thus far, Eye-Fi does not support compact flash. They have a page on their website that lists known issues when using an adapter. These issues include a reduced wireless range of the Eye-Fi card as well as a potential for file corruption. I'm not aware of any competitor's products which offer similar functionality in a CF card. I do note however that it ...


I am with Eyefi and I would like to see if we can get this sorted out for you. It sounds like you may have a standard Eyefi Mobi card. What color is your card and what is the GB capacity? If it's an orange 32GB card, its a standard Mobi card, which only transfers JPEG files via WiFi. If it's a black 32GB card, then it is an Eyefi Mobi Pro card and I would ...


From the Eye-Fi web site: Folder Management In the Eye-Fi Center software click the "settings" icon next to the Eye-Fi Card icon and choose "Photos" then under "Manage" choose "iPhoto" from the dropdown.


Firstly, the Geo and Explore are the names of older Eye-fi cards that are no longer in production. Because they are no longer in production the rest of my answer will disregard them. Now if I understand your question correctly you are asking if you can connect to an ad-hoc network where an ad-hoc network is a network that is in existence without any ...

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