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@omega Here's what you are not getting: The 36x24 measurement is the size a classic photo negative taken with 35mm film. It is a well known and accepted measurement. 35mm film was a very commonly used film for 60+ years. Because format size (sensor or film size) determines angle of view for a particular focal length lens, and because 35mm film was so common ...


From the exif data: Image size is 2988 pixels height by 5412 pixel length. The file states the actual focal length is 4.8. The file states this vale is the equivalent of a 31mm lens mounted on a full frame. From this we can calculate the crop factor = 31 ÷ 4.8 = 6.4583. The diagonal of a full frame, 24mm height by 36mm length = 43.27mm. The diagonal of this ...

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