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From the man page: -s (-short) Short output format. Prints tag names instead of descriptions. Add up to 3 -s options for even shorter formats: -s - print tag names instead of descriptions -s -s - no extra spaces to column-align values -s -s -s - print values only so, exiftool -s -s -s ...


Doesn't work on many files (more than 100, depends on the length of file paths) That's due to a hard limit in Windows on the length of a command line. The plugin is trying to name all of the photos you've selected in a single ExifTool instantiation.1 The only thing you can do about this is upgrade to Windows 7+, if you haven't already. The limit in XP ...


I don't recommend you to remove metadata from your original images. It make sense to do this for images that you want to share or publish, during the export stage for the next reasons: You might take a look at the metadata of some of your beautiful images later, to see their exposure, GPS info, etc... Like Paul said, images with the sRGB profile will be ...


Seems like a better way would be to render the image including the colour profile, rather than depend on the client to apply the colour profile to the original. Try the "export for web" option in your editor - this function normally does all needed processing (rotate is an important one too) and gives you a final-version jpeg. There's a general guideline ...

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