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It is not clear to me what you mean with "exiff tools", as you talk previously about photoshop and exiv2, while there is a tool called "exif tool". the latter would probably be the most comprehensive, for viewing and editing. Camera Makers include so called "maker notes" in the EXIF header, which are in a proprietary, undocumented format. Most tools won't ...


There is often proprietary information in the EXIF maker notes that many metadata utilities can not read. ExifTool (http://exiftool.com) is one of the better utilities, but it still can not read everything. Use the -u option to also extract some of the unknown information. Regarding your question about detecting an altered image: It is often possible to ...


Full applications may not show all the metadata in a image. Reasons may include that particular information is not relevant to the app's purpose, it was not designed to handle some metadata tags, and displaying everything would be too much clutter. Surly none of this is surprising!?

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