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Since there was a request for posting my comment as an answer, here it is, updated version. ExifTool -All= --ColorSpaceTags DIRorFILES This command will remove nearly all metadata but retain ExifIFD:ColorSpace, ExifIFD:Gamma, InteropIFD:InteropIndex, and ICC_Profile tags. ColorSpaceTags is an ExifTool shortcut for "standard tags which carry color space ...


Both programs are showing you the same info. If you add the -n option to your ExifTool command, it will return an orientation of 8, the same as XnView. Read further down on that page you linked to the "EXIF Orientation Value" chart. When it says "left bottom", that doesn't mean that the left bottom corner is supposed to be the top left corner of the ...


From what i see in the mentioned webpage the orientation, reported by xnview is correct. The position of the camera with upper left position of shutter button is 90 degree CCW (or 270 CW). See the image: BTW I use XnviewMP, maybe your version is not updated


The image has been rotated. Image in directory 1a is 4608 px wide, 3456 px high and has an Orientation tag of Rotate 90 CW. So it is a portrait picture that is in landscape orientation. If you look at it with a image viewer that has been told to ignore orientation, it will look like it is turned on it's side. The image in 1b is 3456 px wide and 4608 px ...


Assuming you're using Windows, part of the problem is that there is no "Date Taken" tag. Windows fills this property with different metadata, depending upon what it can find. The mostly likely tag (and the one Windows gives highest priority to) is the EXIF:DateTimeOriginal tag. So the best command for you to try would be: ExifTool ...

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