Dracula's Castle

by BJHStudios

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In case there are multiple crazy lights casting different tones from different directions; you only have JPEGs; or you just need a quick solution, an easy way to fix color cast is to go for black and white. Here's what I got in Gimp under a minute (Colors -> Desaturate -> Average), including some increase of contrast using Curves tool:


With strange mood lights, color temperature and tint won't fix it because it doesn't follow that pattern. Your problem is that if you turn down the blue, you have an ambiguity in whether or not the object had any blue for real. Consider two shirts, one grey and one blue, that look the same under that light. I had a similar issue a short time ago, with ...


I think I would have used flash to overpower the extreme purple. But sometimes you can't do that, which can mean a lot of work in post. Here is what I would do in lightroom or photoshop camera raw. First thing I would do, which everyone else seems to have mentioned is to adjust the white balance. I then added a neutral gradient with even more white balance ...


You need to adjust for the color temperature of the light source. Additionally. when the light source is of such a limited spectrum as appears to be the case here, you need to add more light that covers a wider portion of the visible spectrum. The relatively bright sky in the background fooled your camera's Auto White Balance into thinking that is what ...


It looks like some of the people are wearing white shirts. You could use the white balance dropper tool in Lightroom - select it and click on a white shirt to set the white balance.


From what I see on the example you have wrong colour temperature/white balance. To avoid this you can use few ways: Make special presets in Lightroom with different colour temperatures and apply them (this work on jpegs also) Set colour temperature before shot. Here you can use custom set (shooting something really white and use this picture to tell camera ...

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