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The two lenses you are using are notoriously slow focusers. Good event photographers know they need the high quality fast lenses, both in terms of aperture and AF performance which are interrelated, that can make their job not only easier, but possible at all. Gear doesn't matter - is only half the truth. The other half is - until it does. When the technical ...


One of the best methods I have found that has worked well for me, is Zone focusing. I always aim to use a Manual focus lens with Hyperfocal Markings on it(However, it doesn't have to have these markings and a 50mm f/1.8 will work just as well). These provide the distance of the DOF within a given Aperture size based on how far the focusing distance is and ...


Your biggest problem here is that you're using two lenses with are (in)famous for being slow to focus. (The alternative term here is "cheap"). Consider investing in a couple of USM lenses if you're serious about event photography. Alternatively, look at your technique - are you pre-focussing on the area where you expect the action to occur? Are you using an ...

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