Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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Besides the good answer null gave, I'm adding some thoughts. Group shoot 1) Give loud and clear instructions. It is not a shouting competition. Ask for the main microphone. 2) Make clear and fast desitions so people keep the mood and participation high. 3) Use the ambient light. Shoot in raw. Prepare your white balance correctly, raw settings, aperture, ...


You should go there ahead of time. Gather as much information as possible. Try to get access to the room before the group arrives. Try asking the hotel employees. Google the hotel, maybe they have a group shot of their employees or of a previous conference on their website. You should definitely find out if this is seated or not. If the people are not ...


A lot of the commercial gallery sites support this kind of sale. I've worked with Smugmug for a few years and a number of their customers do exactly this kind of event sale. Others that you could do it with would include Photoshelter and (I think) Shutterfly.

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