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Equipment recommendations are allowed here.

However we do prefer that they be specific enough to be answerable, yet general enough in the sense of overall information requested, that they are useful to the broadest audience possible.

Questions about a specific camera for sale at a specific store or only available in a narrow locale would be off-topic, however questions about the most beneficial camera for general vacationing with friends or family, that is light enough to carry around everywhere, and that can be purchased within a certain budget, would be acceptable.

The answers to such a question should provide useful insight to as many viewers as possible until the next round of new equipment is released from manufacturers, and for some time thereafter as bargain shoppers look at the same equipment for better prices.

For more information on equipment recommendation questions, see:

Despite the general sense regarding equipment recommendations and "shopping" on most StackExchange sites, here at Photo-SE we feel that equipment is a truly fundamental aspect of photography at large, and helping our members find the right equipment to best service their needs is important to us.

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