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Actually instead of holding the apeture lever or using an aftermarket adapter you can use your DOF preview button or live view when the lens is connected properly. Then without shutting the camera off, pop the lens off and your apeture should stay where you had it set while it was connected properly. Much easier and I have used this trick with a d3100, ...


There are various general considerations when buying a macro lens. What is compatible with my camera? Nikon's macro lenses include the word Micro in their name and their current line up can be found here. From those you would need an AF-S lens or you will not be able to use autofocus. What level of magnification are you looking achieve? The smaller the ...


While there are very large studio camera stands available (Foba makes several, and Manfrotto serves the lighter end of the market), none of the commercially-available stands will fit your specs (and the closest fit is about $5K). But there's not a lot to building one unless you're overly concerned with super-smooth adjustments. A studio stand consists of a ...


No: I love my NEX 5T. The kit lens, and the additional 16mm f/2.8 I purchased, are both unremarkable, (I really mean, they are terrible,) but I have a lot of fun, and have had some success, using an old Canon 50mm f/1.8 and and old Sigma 28mm f/2.8 with an adapter. The beauty of the NEX is that with a little practice you can get good results with manual ...

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