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You could probably use a radio shutter remote that has a connector which matches the one for a (wired) cable release for the RX-100III. I believe it's the same one that the Sony A7 uses. Unlike an IR remote, you'll have two units: a receiver that you hook into the camera's shutter release port with a small cable, and then a small transmitter you'll have in ...


The fisheye effect does not come from the wide focal length, but it comes from using a lens that is not rectilinear. A rectilinear lens is one that, despite the focal length, will still ensure that there is no barrel or pincushion distortion: that all straight lines remain straight, not curved. Technically, it ensures that the image is the image that would ...


I won't get into vintage camera gear values, but yes, you can still use EF lenses on any Canon dSLR camera bodies--the mount is compatible, as is the electronic communication between the lens and body. And if you like small and compact and want to stay in the Canon lineup, the SL1/100D (or any successor) may be worth looking at, but is unlikely to be found ...


What is too noticeable is up to you an/or the people watching your images. There are two different effects that causes the distortions commonly seen in wide angle and fish eye lenses. Look at this answer for a good explanation of them. These two kinds of distortions are more or less present on all wide lenses and there are no single focal length where these ...


I would strongly suggest that you try the filter out before you buy it. $120 is a lot of money for a filter and the reviews of it online seems very inconclusive. "Thephoblographer's" review of it is largely positive, while others are really neagive. I don't think we at photo.SE can help you much in this case, the best would be to try it out yourself.


I have been using a Sony NEX-5R for around an year, and I have played with a friend's Nikon D5300 for a few days. That makes me not the most qualified person to answer your question — that would be someone who has used both an SLR and a mirrorless camera for years. But almost everything I say below is verifiable, so you don't have to take my word for it. ...


The A6000 is impressive camera with very sharp sensor. Surely to use it at best you need better lenses than 16-50. The good news is that these lens exist: the Zeiss/Sony, the old MF lenses (Canon FD 50 1.2 1.4) Zeiss Planar and so on. The little Sony 1650 is not bad in absolute, I can say that it is very good, considering the cost. If you use it with ...

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