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There are a number of places where you can buy film today. That's mostly online now, but depending on where you live that could also be a specialty shop in your city. To answer your question, 220 and 8x10 are still made, but not for all emulsion types. Ilford (BW only) for example still makes 8x10 but 120 only, Fuji and Foma also make 8x10, Kodak is the ...


Yes, and no. :D The 430EXII has no wireless eTTL master capability, just like your T2i, it cannot be used as a master unit in Canon's "smart" optical wireless system, the way your 430EXII can be used as a slave in that system. However, there is one model of Yongnuo flash that can act as an optical master (YN-568EXII), so if you used that on-camera, you ...


Whenever new technology comes around, it supposedly kills the older technology that it replaces. The thing is that technologies rarely fully cover the applications of another one. Sure digital has its benefits and replaced film for most applications. The thing is that this doesn't mean that film is actually dead. People really like to see things dying ...


Remember, Nikon 70-300 (1.5x costlier than the 55-300 option) is also a FX lens and hence it can be treated as future investment. Tomorrow, when you invest in a FX body like D750 or D810, you can easily use 70-300 but not the 55-300 or 55-200 I have both the Nikon versions, the 55-200 and 70-300, and so can stress upon the fact that VR is a must when it ...

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