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I have been shooting wedding videos for about 8 years now. Having insurance has really lifted a weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend looking into the following sites as they have great information about this subject. http://filmemporium.com http://entertainmentinsurancebroker.com


You could buy a replacement from UK Digital or Samyang (these seem to be the same product for the same price). If ordering from the UK isn't convenient, you could find someone with a 3D printer and print one of these:


Until you find a proper one, I would simply fashion one out of some cardboard and gaffer tape. Or if you happen to find some plastic drain pipe of the correct diameter, you could use that.


Condensation happens when the glass surface is significantly cooler than the temperature of the air hitting it. Keeping the lens warm will prevent it misting up. The comment you got asking you if your golf cart has air conditioning is relevant. If you're keeping the camera cool in between shots then this could contribute to the issue. The greater the ...


For warning - lenses are dead to both Zeiss and Canon if they get fungus. No repair, only trash and replace. Keep it away from your other lenses to keep it from spreading.


Damp in the air is the worst factor. Anything over 60% humidity is enough for the spores to germinate, and ruin your camera... I've seen mould that has encompassed the entire camera before now, when I bought an old Zenith that had been stored in an old, canvas tent... That's actually made my flesh crawl, to remember that! I am curious to know which types of ...

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